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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Saturday, November 18, 2017

*to "protestants"

english version

"why are you catholic?"
a little long but necessary to put in publications

[a version in spanish here]

this is a quick demonstration so people understand the true way in order to save their soul
i can debate this with any protestant
sure of what-im-following
and after being studying the history
spiritual world   symbolism etc

i put it in  plate
easy to be understood and
follow the only way of life
to be blessed by God     and save your soul

if you become catholic i guarantee you a High probability
for you to go to heaven
cause the most important thing is Not living in mortal sin
and die in that state

historical    biblical     demonstrated

protestant is a road of mortal sin -condemnation

Very sure of what im talking about

Pass this to the protestants you know

could be more   but here just a quick list

-Christ NEVER will put the bones of THE MAIN, PILLARS of the doctrine
in the wrong church        or wrong doctrine      BE VERY SURE ABOUT THAT
who has "the rest" from the beginning?       catholic

- that any bible has came out from catholic church, their investigation, ORIGINAL documents
translations   HISTORICAL        from who?     catholic

-that any "invention" has came from a catholic-priest   called martin luther around 1517
before being one    from more than 1500 years
for protestant you are talking about ~mini groups only closer to 500 years       USE YOUR BRAIN

-wrong actions of people doesn't allow you to order a change in the doctrine   Heretical
not only was "protesting"  history tells you clear  serious RUPTURE
from apostle's way  connected   to jewish tradition   ceremony  etc

-after that any new invention       anyone opening a church in a garage?
where is the jewish procedures?  priesthood?   communion?  steps?
is not about a song       or scream    IT-IS-A-DOCTRINE   with specific procedures for the grace by the hands of the apostle  INCLUDING eat the body of Christ every time reunited et
about gatherings NO LONGER the Supper
maybe "other thing" to sing et
 (1 Co 11, 20; check #30).   BE CAREFUL
wrong church

-conformed by men
means you can find wrong actions of people
as a protestant can be a thief or abuse et   that doesn't mean wrong doctrine
means wrong-person      that's for "that priest is..."

-why God order to HIS PEOPLE... to come out? AT THE MOMENT OF THE CORRUPTION?
because has become in a cave of demons et  WHY his people are inside there?
because the church is only ONE group from the beginning communicated
united through letters et   only one institution with ORDER
not mini little groups   "personal creations" im baptist   im episcopal etc ??? get a suit and open a church?   that IS NOT instituted by the apostle dying in Rome persecuted by Neron
for example paul peter   dies where the vatican is    the obelisk et
BE CAREFUL  the stupidity are you following
a disorder invented  even though mention The Lord
it is a compact doctrine to be-accomplished    not a crazy interpretation "as i want it"

-we are talking about true catholic doctrine until benedict xvi
"bergoglio" francis IS THE APOSTASY   inside the temple
server of the red dragon  communist  of the bible
closing a generation 

-that no one "adore" images  "idols" et
eyes, ears et are doors   to take you to

for ex: a song about Christ  --> takes you to him
by ears
the senses

a picture of your son       reminds you
if you kiss it     are you adoring the paper? don't be a hypocrite

or a cross or watching the Lord

that is the right interpretation

other thing is that you create a ball      or a horn  -->   THAT is idolatry

and all that is also demonstrated inside the Temple by solomon
HE PUT STATUES  about cherubs et detailed in the bible   do you think he didn't know the commandments??  where they will going to pray
or you will tell him IDOLS!    and God accepts that temple  clear

you are the one who doesn't know how to interpret
what is written    and the sincerity

pure things  as you see angels, Mary, saint people  IT IS APPROVED by God
as impure images takes you to bad things

but anyways listen to this:

if you are a person who feels that cant kiss a picture of your son
no one forces other
some people are more expressive trying to go to God
others respect that but they don't it
because they are not like that

you notice that inside the catholic church
different behaviors

but the DOCTRINE is the right interpretation, one    and You can't deny that

-that the Right interpretation of the rapture is about a TRANSFORMATION
the convertion to the true doctrine, lifestyle, before maybe a punishment for a rest who doesn't want to change
closing a generation    70,80 et years

-that the bible talks about generationS  even though a "red antichrist" kills many
if it's "the final of the final" ONLY God knows    but seems that is not what is written
many along the history says   this is the last one! the end !  because is for that generation
the punishment of a rest et  destroy evil  elimination   Return of the truth     period of peace   etc

-bible is NOT a magazine    like protestants want to interpret
the "literal"
deep    spiritual
and the symbolism  NOT for everyone to be understood in a "classroom"
and that's why the access was prohibited before
a person take something and tell everyone "he thinks is this" etc

sanctity in the true doctrine organized allows you  if God wants it  FOR the right interpretation
concordances et

-Mary has her function   SPIRITUAL
related to virgins and the lamps
through the testimony give birth: the truth   born in others
true ones represent the virgins
the woman to get marry with Christ    united
remember there's other one a prostitute and fornication with the lie etc

so Mary has the function as any saint in front of God
intercede cause they are alive   eternal life    in spiritual way

if you mutilate the bible of course you won't find the verses
interior functions     doctrine is complex   not a magazine

there you have your son        and the disciple there you have your mother

and take her to the house  do you remember the Lord talking about constructing a house?

in the house of my father... etc etc

MARY is the most saint  after Christ
Christ can't born from "regular person" or with stain 
is from Mary with no stain      High level

God cant be in dirty place or link to satan   stain

she was born of a promise   cause their parents anne and joachim couldn't have kids     

like john the baptist intersession by God

is not what "you want" who are you? check the directions of Apostles


so you gonna rip your bible and take the Luke Gospel  because he is an idolater?

recognize that you are wrong INTERPRETING what is commanded

how can i love a person and have NOTHING in my house about him  what an emptiness
no sincerity

when you use money with images and keep it   or album of family

look how right was LUKE making sculpture ...etc

-if you die in mortal sin HIGH PROBABILITY to go to hell
means not married by the sacrament
out of the one church
not in communion   the grace
priesthood by apostle's hands
the order REQUIRED
A HEAD  as in a family you find a head
moses etc

where paul used to expulse people    and before die in rome
one group persecuted etc


ASK in a bar do you beleive in Christ?  oh yes
are they obeying?

no matter that you say IF NOT OBEYING WHAT WAS COMMANDED being in a wrong church    road
NOT what was ordered
NOT what apostle were doing Historical Documented

BUILDING OF STEPS from the hands of apostle
apostolic authority
instituted by Christ     his commandments    his people CLOSER TO HIM
NOT sentimentalism

mormons obey? no    anglicans? no   methodist? no etc   creations to pop up after protestantism

that's the reality    you like it or not

or an atheist says: Jesus spoke nice

DID HE ACCOMPLISHED? OBEYING A DOCTRINE  norms ordered to be stabiblished
organized      for the salvation?  be careful

the practice of the truth   THE ROAD of the sanctifying grace    accomplishing with the truth
historical  which gives life

lie doesn't give life even though you scream using the microphone
external    than real security  supernatural peace  to comply  history
saints along the history   demonstrated   and a long etc

authority to tie or untie
mini groups opening DOES NOT have the authority given to the one church
about the doctrine

ex: the kid who find a book about police
and he says that already HE IS A POLICEMAN

Did he accomplished the procedures HISTORICAL
to be a police? to have authority? organized and demonstrated

or it is about a disorder     inveting from him-self    his mind
"and he is a police" because he has a book

inventions are not the true church    in singular

Jesus SENT THEM   moving     cause it is one group
or says each one open the bible and get baptized from anyone?

wrong    road of mortal sin

"who ever wants to do it separately"???

emptiness     no life

you can feel it

different countries?   but under the SAME direction   requirements

- vatican and paganism? the past? empire etc there is AN IGNORANT who doesn't understand
that when a purification is over
empire etc falls by CONVERTION losing strength
then to right
peace, stability  for long period
then you find EXTRAORDINARY SAINTS ETC of course being right
full of life
blessed by God
Miracles Supernatural actions
evangelizing the world
America etc etc

-that Christ took the bread physically and about it has said this IS my body    Mt 26, 26
about the wine physically  and about it has said also this IS my blood     Mt 26, 28

where he says    "represent"    or  "symbolize"  my body   ?


he is talking about  TRUE PRESENCE  R-E-A-L
when is realized by the Apostolic authority
for Sanctification
effusion of spirit ...etc  BECOMES his body   his blood
even though you see the same physically "bread"
A lot of miracles to be listed here
link to the Real presence  Health  Life
Do this

every time the church is reunited MUST DO THAT
and Paul is clear about it ... remembering gatherings NO LONGER the Supper
maybe "other thing" to sing et
(1 Co 11, 20; check# 30).
is not for "a concert"
is not for the theme you wanna talk
no authority for the Pact  priesthood  Grace  etc
Supernatural Gift  REAL
for the good of the family etc
Jesus present IN SACRAMENT

"bread" and no more people??... to the garbage and
thinking they have Grace
and they are the church

what a craziness


can be noticed in the face of people     no life
and singing

more like a concert
that's the Doctrine of God??

comment and sing?    not the true church

where is the sacrifice  RENEW in the interiors? his life to live
(1 Co 11, 30).

if you don't do it as it is
you get sick    empty

unless you have an impostor
that you have to face and NOT being in communion with him
pope francis APOSTASY

but anyways you can get married by church
in a simple way   private
so not living in mortal sin
with the hope he is not there anymore

-for the one who says "not repeat" praying
Jesus fell to floor and supplicating
went back to the disciples... etc
and for third time about REPEATING ...the same words mt 26, 39-44

prayers repeating? ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in front of God
depending your needs
urgency     or to keep focus in prayer
maybe NOT always you will have something very long to talk to the Lord
but maybe need the time to pray even though repeating our father etc
perseverance,  insistence

also he says
when you pray SAY
WHAT does that mean? he orders you to repeat
what he is saying

Why you dont obey? and invent stupidity?

Mary said about all generations will call me blessed   in the bible
which one is true church calling her Blessed publicly? for generationS
Blessed are thou among women...  (Hail Mary)

can you see how the only true church fulfilled what is written?

because of that predilection      pray for us

don't you pray for people? for a woman and her problems   kids?

so saints have eternal LIFE

it is called communion of saints        who is saved

and who is a church  can pray    are alive

moises elijah   giving forces to Christ
they appear dead or with life?   same angels obedient

how disciple recognizes moises for example
they didnt know his aspect   different times

they should say who was that man?  but in the interior is Transmitted
in grace  ALIVE   and doing a function   spiritual    assigned

that is doctrine
complex and tight in perfection

proof of actions is saved and not here physically
the intercession because of sanctity

it is not "here" and there... it is ONE REALITY INTEGRATED
physical-spiritual   among us

but if you have mutilated the bible  "the priest martin luther"   how you pretend to understand?

a family dead
if he is saved and you too
you have a hope to see him again
with his memory PART OF THE SOUL

in the hell your memory "punishes you"
because of bad action   why i did that??!
people with no repentance etc

SAINTS humanly dead continue praying  about prophet Jeremiah for the people  (2 Macc 15.14
... dead praying for the community  (2 Macc 15.12
when touching the bones of elisha life  standing 2 Kings 13.21
in live did miracles and AFTER DEATH Sir 48.14
handkerchiefs clothes (objects) and get healed Acts 19.12
you dont understand what is idolatry
be careful at the end of your life ~you will get a surprise
thinking you were in the true church     WRONG way

After dead talking to Jesus Mk 9,1-4
when praying an angel presenting the prayers to God Tob 12.12
from the hands of the angel Rev 8.4
they do have a function too
serving in spiritual ways
serve, defender etc in the bible

because of the insistance of Mary
and change to bring recipients
Jn 2, 1-11
a person saw the needs and intercedes
talk to the Lord
and he concedes

and that still After human dead
God is not a God of dead... LIVING
Mt 22,32

-get married by the sacrament and re-married in civil way,  is MORTAL SIN
road of condemnation dying in that state

if you never got married by the sacrament   you haven't been married in front of God

you are married civil with a person?
you need to put your life in order Urgent

-cant have sexual relation (until get married by the sacrament)    it's mortal sin
-cant live together (until get married by the sacrament)  all that must be stopped until the sacrament
for spouses

it is to get marry by the church    apostolic authority

or single
civil divorced

[sexual relation not married by the sacrament  it is mortal sin  "in a way" God's go away from you
-road of condemnation dying in that state]

the most important is NOT LIVING IN MORTAL SIN
honestly with the protestants for your salvation
is-not something to play

marriage is one  explained by Christ unless nullity depending situations
for ex: forced to get marry, or too young etc

get married even though you "feel dont want to practice"  etc etc
UNDER historical was put the doctrine
life is serious and deep
more than many think

high probability of heaven
married as commanded

maybe you do something simple
and private     and will be Right  historical  Grace

also i repeat you don't follow "francis" bergoglio
he is destroying the institution on purpose

a "church" who allows divorced and get marry Normal
empty    death

or women "pastors" when in JEWISH tradition
women have their function assigned by God
that is Liberalism
NOT in the doctrine
invention of a garage

to collaborate is one thing
priesthood   pastor
it is instituted BY CHRIST
not "what you want to do"
not from humans

any catholic women or men can preach BUT not anyone can be a Priest
apostolic authority

and you can continue demolishing the stupidity mainly came from martin luther
heretic IGNORANT
to do "what he wants"

this is written for humble people
who will listen and leave the false road
of death
in these critics moments
when many could fall to condemnation
not having time to put life in order

don't die like that
i warned you  and can't be explained LONG DETAILS
in this entry
a little summarized


whatever happens
remember: true catholic doctrine   outside    with the true people
or inside without bergoglio  him-it is condemnation

a grave situation in the church

never "protestant"

after this im clean in front of God explaining you
at least quick

Pass-the-publication to protestants