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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

*change, change, by decree, just breaking the correct, a new religion. many not noticing

brief comment,

oh they are martyrs also, don't be lukewarm with luther, to follow that path
don't convert, canonize communist openly, it is a new religion already, "catholic divorced" express, list of reason ~by decree, ~Not other interpretation, EAT the condemnation
etc,etc,etc slow, subtly, dismantling, the FALSE path, laughing at you

now imposed to the minds: what is the problem to canonize a not even catholic?? conditioning, advancing, tiptoe, destroying the way of salvation, now the communists are the example et find god in different ways
pray for me to allah, must be insisted

like by a decree commented, to create cardinal a ~lay enzo bianchi, liberal, leftist, then a brake commented et

etc,etc as a serpent he is going forward, while people are falling to Hell Already
~seconds counting