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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Friday, June 30, 2017

*of course Christ will win

while souls, people are falling to hell, authorized, and through many themes, Evil Open
~seconds counting

benedict declare something out of the context, meaning ~something~ a more than simple, sent,
subtly in front of everyone, the opportunity

Christ will win over the False pope

know that very clear.

*claro que Cristo va a ganar

mientras las almas, personas son enviadas al Infierno, autorizado, y a traves de muchos temas, el Mal abiertamente
~los segundos contando

benedicto declaro algo fuera de contexto, significando ~algo~ mas que simple,
sutilmente delante de las camaras, la oportunidad

Cristo va a ganar por encima del Falso papa

sepa eso bien claro.

*more communists, "Normal"

or like hidden, known

Image result for false pope francis communist la verdad / the truth

satan on the seat, the whole package, is not about "one theme", tell everyone fast
~seconds counting

un tal "alejandro bermudez" y a un tal "santiago martin", Recordados como grandes defensores de SATANÁS, para la historia, digaselo a todos

se deja este breve comentario, para dejar claro que no se tiene nada que ver con el "sacerdote", un tal santiago martin, y un magnificat tv, se ha borrado cualquier cosa que pudiera vincular a satanico.

nada que ver con "ese senor", todo lo contrario yo personalmente Charles estoy en contra de el

igualmente un tal alejandro bermudez, y un "aciprensa"

recuerde bien esos dos nombres, porque van para la historia, como grandes defensores de SATANAS, hasta el último momento. gran dano a muchisimas almas continuamente

No siga sus opiniones, van rumbo a perdicion. no pierda su tiempo

su fiesta se les termina.

*maldita repugnancia

yo no he caido en pecado con lo que usted cree que encontro, GRABESE ESO BIEN CLARO, Y TRAGUELO. Y LLEVESELO A LA TUMBA
se lo dice Charles en su cara
usted puede pensar lo que quiera, a mi que me importa? como se ve que no me conocen, yo me he reido de muchos, y en paz

y todavia siguen como ratas buscando entre lo que haga el otro, vamos rapido, ya amanecio, a donde le da click, como una enfermedad, que leyó?? y que no se equivoque leyendo una noticia, porque hare un escrito o un programa ahora mismo

Related image

No se va a hablar mas del tema, el que esta en la verdad, es obvio, se percibe y el tiempo lo demuestra
hasta sin hablar
la verdad triunfa solita, entra

muchos se hacen los ciegos con lo que es obvio

veremos quien estuvo en pecado, el que no cometio, o el ladron

Thursday, June 29, 2017

*he doesn't want unity in the truth, one group, explained to Media, NOT the uniformity

he wants the wrong ways maintained, one in the truth is boring

and tells a LIE about Paul and Peter serving in a different way, meaning like churches of different beliefs, diversity

there's no common union, out of the truth, one church, one way

be careful Heretic space, accomplices, same as "aciprensa" assassins

*almost a civil war in venezuela, and while like "eternal" dialogue pro dictatorship from bergoglio's side

the ASSASSIN, devil server and his accomplices helping for the death of  people

in the faces of everyone, "shaking", "bergoglio in the media, or "a call" from the dictator in many ways
so helping the communism for the nation, dying

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth


*the dead doesn't know what to do, copycat

"women, dress, picture project, sunglasses," looks familiar

that she wants, desire, "to hug him" ?? or "caress" to him "achucharlo"

bergoglio, dead

your time is counted, use ways, media to tell about the False pope


"mujeres, foto, vestidos, lentes, proyecto de foto," luce familiar
deseos de "achucharlo" ??

el muerto, su tiempo esta contado


*our lady of rosary, of fatima

 i repeat, these ones are the most recent pictures


*"he is so bad", no he is not, yes he is

and "kissing your girlfriend" ??
sure, there's no problem to kiss a formal girlfriend that you had

i can joke,
but im not a "bad boy"
im more like an angel
that a girl loved to kiss me

but i know that kind
who do you think you are, i can't with you!!
i don't like your space, hello!

and to a friend, aww he is so cute
i think i really love him

what is your problem woman?
im starting to love those kind

Monday, June 26, 2017

*the ones are "closed" or in "dubia"

the mockery, while sending people to hell Already, Apostasy
seconds counting

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*satanic, don't try to convert, preach, you are just sent to make friends

a great deceive, the whole package of the False pope

God didnt sent to make friends, God sent to Preach, and people "around you must know from your mouth the true way, the only path, savior, CLEAR FROM YOUR SIDE. the truth, strongly
for the life
to be clear in front of God loving your neighbor

if the other person dont want to "accept it", you stay strong at the right side, as example
that could work in the interiors later
all people around you should know who you are, what you follow firmly,

check this two recent videos, SATANIC, freemasons, babel tower
against the only savior, to go to the world for the salvation
not "frienship"

not Christ, NOT the same God (Holy trinity), "to respect identities"
about that was explained in the scripture
must be called: ABSOLUTELY WRONG. road of condemnation without Christ.


road of condemnation and with subtitles in many languages, arabic, hinduist, dutch etc

road of condemnation

More on the satanic project explained:


Not loving your neighbor, because of the gospel you wont be "liked" by everyone. that's part of following Christ, only door.

stop trying to convert, road of condemnation

Sunday, June 25, 2017

*follow the Koran publicly, Not Christ's gospel, or "if you are muslim"

people, souls receiving that message, being sent to Hell doesn't count? this is a satanic.

not one only savior, door, Holy trinity, etc.

people being sent to Hell, satanic teaching

Nmba a god of fertility? italia needs fertility

Image result for baga guinea

after that "god", asked about for prayer/ invocation
imposing a new "god"

dont be deceived, his group and him, not catholic, programmed for perdition
of couse kasper could mention "christ" for a happy sunday message, it is a part of the deceive.

*seconds counting, every person will be asked about the testimony that corresponded to give, the responsibility, to tell the world

don't be deceived by the satanic, use ways, media, to the world
tell clear about FALSE pope everywhere

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*"evangelical leaders" to walk together

102 evangelical leaders

 “But we are always on the journey, never stopping, never stopping… and together,”

concluded his remarks by asking all those present to pray together, “as brothers,” the Our Father, each in his own language.

own language, no sacraments, koran, pray for me, luther, kasper, spadaro, cupich etc what else


not talking about openly people Named by him, not catholics, or communion for condemnation in his own diocese, letters, confirming, validating,etc,etc

Question #1:  Did he keep silence about the theme?

Question #2: Does, Did,.. he authorized the road of condemnation, publicly?
Apostasy, FALSE pope.

has written them... “fully captures the meaning of chapter VIII” of the exhortation"

FALSE, as the scriptures warns, for the condemnation of the people

he has answered
he has expressed clear

Vatican Confirms: Pope Francis’ letter... on Amoris Laetitia is authentic.

Public, road of Hell

~seconds counting. people to Hell

Saturday, June 24, 2017

*impactando con la realidad

se va a dejar en espanol, para algunos "enemigos" tambien

algunos estan siendo introducidos a la vida mistica,
para que entiendan que la verdad es la que sostiene la realidad, no sus "palabras"

algunos, despues de 4 años odiando con gran furor, este espacio, por supuesto sacerdotes, que vienen para hacer sus escritos, etc como otros laicos, igual, como ladrones y hablando de "conversion"
he visto toda esa clase de paginas, programas, opinion etc he sacado tiempo para saber bien

pero despues de 4 anos, con inocencia dicen "descubro" esto,
y por que como que se rompe la cabeza cada dia,? porque parece que no esta entendiendo lo que sucede

hasta que aprendan que la verdad sostiene todo,
no importa lo lleno de odio que este y prepare su discurso contra otro rapido,
la verdad es que sostiene la realidad
aunque el otro  ni hable,

la mentira es vacia, sin vida, muerta, se capta
el que esta en la verdad, contiene vida, poder,  y es obvio

voy a repetir esto claro ante algunos enemigos, mientras duermo tranquilo: al final no fuiste el inteligente, ni astuto

muchos se van a tragar sus palabras aprendiendo a discernir cuando se esta en la verdad

voy a esperar que muchos se cansen, y hablen y hablen, ni siquiera ellos se creen lo que dicen, no saben ni como poner la cara, haciendo el ridiculo, sin fuerza

Dios lo va a atrapar a todos. Dios mostrara

*"shocking" with the reality

shocking with the reality, some people are being introduced to mystical life,
to understand the truth sustain the reality, not your "words"

some people, After 4 years hating this space, of course priests, just come and doing their writings, like the hate, to answer, etc other lay people as the same, like thieves and talking about "conversion"
i have checked all those kind of pages, programs, opinion etc to see

but after 4 years, with innocence some say we "got him",
while like "breaking their heads everyday", cause they dont even know what is happening

reality is sutained with the truth,
it doesnt matter how full of hate you are, and prepare a discourse against other one fast,
the truth of actions sustain the reality

lies, are with empty, no life, death, can be captured
the one in the truth, contains full of life, power, obvius

i can repeat this clear as i sleep very well: at the end you were not the smart. not astute
you have been introduced to spiritual life, to discern when someone is in the truth

i will wait that some of them get tired, as they speak and speak, not even believing what they said, almost not knowing where to put the face, ridicule

God will catch them all. God will show

*"bergoglio" hasn't kept silence, Absolutely False

"bergoglio" has answered publicly from the vatican, with his Signature, letters, confirming, validating, for the occasions
specified about to INSIST, NO OTHER interpretation. After been explained the road of condemnation.
so the dioceses, countries, to kill authorized are doing it.

Perdition, condemnation, wrong Evil teaching Pushed, Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy,  allah, communism etc,etc imposed

according with people he Named, programmed, to destroy Christ's church, not catholic
whole package

Did he show clear?
"pope" has answered, "pope" was responding
in irregular situation can include "the help of the sacraments"
to INSIST, for the rest, about NO OTHER interpretation.
cause he wont be one by one "answering"

~Did he authorizes, to Go to Hell? YES.

so dioceses taking People TO HELL Already
souls-are-falling Already
-seconds counting,
marry how many times you want it, not one anymore, receive communion and go to Hell
against Christ, bible, church, souls, etc

Thursday, June 22, 2017

*before maybe all these finish

for some people " picture from other countries but never from ny, why?"
cause i havent had no needs to publish from where i lived

but i will leave some enough, before maybe all these finish
ny, many friends, family,
"groups from church, people" from church", etc, etc


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

*...has its end, tell everyone!

do not be deceived by "silly words and laugh", documents to kill everyone are there, dioceses killing authorized are there, Wrong Evil teaching Pushed, Blasphemy, Heresy, Apostasy, allah, communism etc,etc imposed

souls-are-falling already, authorized
seconds counting, tic tac

satanic communist

to destroy Christ
souls to hell, death

time is here!  tell everyone! to Media

*Following their false head, authorizations, Rupture, transsexual,. etc their religion, False church

the new openness like accepted by all, "with francis", their doctrine


"corpus" Public, combined

the woman a "pastoral assistant", carry for procession, also read the gospel and blessed the faithful with holy water, in the Media, to be Normalized
no rest, argentina, etc

you know ~Normal, here, there, etc "keep going" imposed, the new religion ~Formal, through documents

No Christ

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*throw money, the false church, you know just visiting two comunists

as planned for June 20, like Helicopter, airplanes fast etc
looks like maduro from venezuela, unhappy, with no life

"This morning at 7.27 Pope Francis left the Vatican on board of a Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma... in order to undertake a private visit to the tomb of two pro-Communist italian priests, Fr Primo Mazzolari (+1959) and Fr Lorenzo Milani (+1967). His first destination was Bozzolo, where Fr Mazzolari is buried. The flight distance was 400 km.

The twin-engined aircraft used for this private visit is about 20 m long and almost 5 m high. It can carry up to 24 persons and consumes almost three litres of fuel pro km. The aircraft is not know for being environment friendly. Only very rich people can permit themselves to use it for private visits.

cynic, use bike, turn off all... all of you to misery! receive islam!

don't be deceived by a latin american communist, for perdition

tell everyone!

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*ASSASSIN, collaborating, the death

andrea tornielli from "vatican insider"ASSASIN
for the FALSE pope, condemnation
sick, like a spadaro

Image result for andrea tornielli

Related image

"not playing" for the destruction of everyone.

this space has nothing to with "heralds of the gospel", or defending them
but andrea tornielli now putting the death of "the pope", making a link to "conservatives", subtly etc so people look as "the bad ones"

the tone is mentioned, repeated in ways
like taking whatever

or like vatican after ganswein, announcing "breaking!" new trips!! of the pope!, so fast!, so people dont think, follow what is the truth,
they are trying everything!, in emergency mode!  look this! that! etc

good to accept the downfall, publicly, lost
but the group with the Devil are them, wanting to be seen as "the victims"

Etc,. andrea tornielli is from the group taking to perdition
downfall and in contact with the devil... nuance, what else?

the big killer, Enemy of God, server of the devil, the FALSE pope.

*Blasphemy, Apostasy from the Serpent

tell everyone about the False pope

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth


June 2017
..."Jesus Christ’s Gospel reveals to us that God cannot be without us: He will never be a God“without man”; it is He who cannot be without us, and this is a great mystery! God cannot be God without man: this is a great mystery!"

the Serpent is openly giving a package of Heresies, blasphemy for the perdition

- Does God need a man? to be God?
the answer is in the Bible, just to take one quick,.
Job, explaining clear,.. about the "where were you" when he was acting, creating, being God, dominating like King,..?

- God cannot be without the man?
God sends to Hell, ETERNAL SEPARATION of him,
cause he-does-not need you for nothing. you need him.
God will be Great, God, without you

- God has A LOT of creatures, as archangel, seraphim etc, giving him glory, recognizing his Preciousness, Perfection, excellency,.. He is God, before created the man, and After,..

- it is clear in the First book so you understand right away
"regretted having created man on the earth"
he only saved 8 from the flood, and was about millions
in the history, does he need those quantity of people?? what looks like ants, For the King
sounds funny

- the Serpent insinuates also that God is a creation of man,
no man - no god, typically from atheist, like with no brain, examining immaterial things in the existence, and as simple to see how do good or bad brings something to the interior, and in the reality, sustaining a reality OUT of man capacity, power,.. etc just "to mention"
man cant "create" what he cant do, as laws, nature working like an industry, human body, no material, intelligence, love,etc more than physical etc,etc

- also assigning Jesus Christ's gospel revealing that, is a LIE, BLASPHEMY.

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

Monday, June 19, 2017

*spiritual work, not too visble, transform, reject

can music of the world be used to take people to God in a moment?

could be used. cause God is life, and the owner of the music.(melodies in order, with no lyrics sometimes)

no one is saying to construct music for the world, etc but a melody created can be used, to take people to God. attract
more than the mundane image, that you can write them and tell them to go to God,

it's all spiritual movements. to be used
is not supporting any artist for "the world"

things ~transformed, for repugnant.

spiritual movements that not all the people will understand.

how God take a people to him? only "with church things"? FALSE

God uses, what is needed
even something saying, i love the beautiul life,
take people to "a step" for the truth of life

"i saw the face of that young person" and from that day i was transformed for God's things, nothing else

God used just a face, to inspire

to people hearing noise as music, one day God permit a slow one from a group
person start to taste, experimenting, maybe like it
other day listen a catholic group
other day instrumental

and all that going, destroy what is distortioned

that means the world things are not right, but can be "used" to attract to life, in a different way, moment, to give form in others, towards the truth

or you teach teology to a prostitute? no, slow you try to pull in an attractive way, sound nice, look is a nice guy et looks like he understand me

that's why honest person can say, that takes me to God, inspire me

i prefer silence most of the time, but there are person also who does not understand that, and also you have to know what they listen, thinking, hows the world goes etc very minor knowledge

how you attract when you know nothing about it? out of the context
at least knowing superficial, the line

etc, or for drug dealer you will talk more like adapted, to convince, using conectors
or you will go to them singing in latin?

you should show latin, after he understand or know God

many things are high, so not all the priests are in capacity to understand some things, living for appearance, ripping their vestments. show them latin!!! God knows very well when sent "one" who really knows uses of God, spiritual life, transforming for others, the wellness for others, levels, Superior, reject established for others, the taught or what surpasses many

NEVER in your life you can tell about other what you dont really know. deep to be "sure".
be very sure about this: there's no grace without obedience.