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if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for the generation, the Death of many, true catholics must give testimony of the truth, and in prayer

and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los católicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad,

y en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

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viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

*that's how the communism ends, misery, crying, beasts killing everyone etc priest: beheaded

two days ago, two trucks with food arrived... and because of people are dying, hungry
was explaining the mother Oliva

in a climate of terror, violence, also increasing the persecution of "catholics" against the system in venezuela, some have turned to murder. ~the responsible have not been apprehended yet.

(sometimes the same communists in charge eliminate people with "delinquents", so "no one knows"
as possessed many say chavez lives! (their red beast), and writings on walls begin to appear: death to priest!
and for all opposed to the regime of death

not long ago a priest used a social media to ask for "a medicine", cause it is a reality that people, kids etc are dying in hospitals from minor things... they "basically" have nothing
emergency, surgery? it could be probably your last day
a sad picture
many videos of people showing the real situation

April 10, the priest Diego Begolla, house coordinator of the  Franciscans de La Victoria  in Aragua state, was found beheaded in his office.

Begolla's body showed signs of violence and the neck was cut with an edged weapon. The situation had a serious impact on the elderly Father Suso, who knows him.

the assailants took computer equipment, valuables, food etc

The news caused shock

that's what BERGOGLIO wants, officially supporting the dictatorship, thanks to him "they are in dialogue" being smart, so everyone dies or leave the country, and the group will be the owners (same strategy of cuba)
a process until getting tired, the people with no hope anymore

they love to see people dying; BERGOGLIO must be laughing

food controlled, etc on purpose A LOT of videos, serious people crying eating just like a corn "pancake" like for the everyday and just one time in a day, kids..etc long lines, hours for butter, oil, minor things (people dying waiting in a line, fights, reported)

in a jail, eating cats, pigeons etc and finally TWO PERSONS

they prepared with rice

from being a Normal country, when communists took it...
craziness and misery, a Hell, using the same discourse "common good" for "the poor", themes used by Fidel
tactics, that some people are not familiar ~techniques, from russia
celebrate with BERGOGLIO, A SATANIST

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