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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


World Visitors

Sunday, April 30, 2017

*Immovable path, that a part of the world will understand late

the false ones will go to the place for them, including the False head, covered by the worldly
that didn't notice, didn't want the right, to be healed

Sunday, April 23, 2017

comment If you unite with the actual craziness you will go to hell, a spiritual mark

this is a grave situation to kill everyone, imposing the lie for perdition
if you move the building of the truth in your life, you will be dragged

it is a mark, for your thoughts, or to hand, actions

people will be separated, the true ones and  the hypocrites of the moment

we are living in a moment when is called courageous "to resign", being the opposite

calling martyrs, when means a "witness", for the true path  (true doctrine)

a protestant killed is: a protestant killed, sustaining a mortal sin's life, no confession etc

white is not red

they are constructing their lie for a new religion, for condemnation, taking the Divine for human problems/solutions marxism
meditating about man's problems as the misteries

"mercy" for the marxism

of course emptied with no life, teaching the evil, Blasphemy, start to sound in italy, ireland... the fall
people know about empty of life, a wolf, deformation, supporting a Killer, sheeps recognize the voice, they feel the falsification a lie to everyone, with a Communist figure, which is diabolic

same as in France, when didn't obey what was required and the king,
not obey fatima? the overthrow of a head, and russia inside, falsification meanings, for theirs
all is russia ideology, put in cuba, china, venezuela etc
hypocrites "will go to hell" thinking "they serve to god too" laughing, with the theater for the Mortal sin

hold what is correct, in the desert, you will be safe. those high levels of venom now will drag you to lose the heaven. you have been clearly warned. stay away of them

it is a spiritual Mark for eternal lost. (spiritual, physical is open, how God to decide, not always presented or "fulfilled" as was thought)

a priest, corrupted, for his Marxist, Mortal sin, is just a man to take you to hell. has no authority, you have to be smart

same as a parent, bad, subtly telling you "to steal", or Mortal sin... has no authority. you dont have to obey, in front of God. and you will have life, grace, secured
no authority

God is above any human.
a corrupted human subtly to follow the wrong, covered, disguised, be quiet... is a wolf

it's really a lot, the forced poison in texts, activities, etc now is like every day, for every activity etc. here was warned very clear, repeated. BERGOGLIO is Apostasy, rupture, condemnation.

stay very away of them, don't be counted inside that false church

not as before, rupture. perdition

Saturday, April 22, 2017

*deformation, Martyrs, christian faith?

On Saturday, Pope Francis will lead a prayer service in downtown Rome for the world’s new martyrs, because of the "christian faith"
The event is organized by the Community of Sant’Egido, an Italian-born lay movement that focuses on social justice and ecumenism.

he will visit the church of the twentieth century martyrs

For example, there are letters from protestant pastor paul schneider,
you can also see the bible of Shabaaz Bhatti, the christian minister of Pakistan
romero's missile is preserved, the breviary of the french priest jacques hamel, etc

of course, Romero
a communist
christian faith?

Do you know who shows the pectoral cross of romero nowadays? paglia
Never, God allows a sacred cross from a saint, being carried by a monster
all that is spiritual, Many things, sacred things are protected Supernatural

like BERGOGLIO could never be allow to sleep in true papal's room, he had to choose other thing... or in a room where a "saint lived", to be used for Evil

the father jacques hamel, are you sure he was calling muslims to convert?
there is something related with him and the ISLAM

New martyrs whose deaths meet the old test of ‘hatred of the faith’

or "the new wave" to call copts as martyrs, is wrong
mormon killed is a martyr? or lutherans killed in a confrontation? martyrs?

be careful cause now he is putting the poison everywhere
almost in everything

a deformation of a martyrdom with the true path

Thomas More and the others, holding the true faith, pray for us

*like his everyday labor, deceiving, taking advantage to destroy the true way

taking the opportunity to put in people's minds, "christianity" and not the true catholic doctrine as the right path

why dont you take your kids to jehova witness? or your family to protestants with no life?

talking about a "christian hope" etc
in Mortal sin, no sacraments, Adultery etc

*to Celebrate Fatima: INTERRELIGIOUS game

anniversary desecration

April 19
St. Peter’s Cricket Club, the Vatican’s cricket team, is traveling to Fatima April 19-22 for an interreligious tournament ahead of the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady to three shepherd children in the country.

...will include Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish teams coming from Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

to join in the centenary celebrations.

The team was formed under the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture as a way to creatively engage with people from other churches, ecclesial communions, and religions.

Francis has frequently praised sports, particularly for their ability to bring people together.

where a is called to the conversion,. the errors of Russia, wrong path
he brings exactly the opposite

*comment, Now muller for like nothing happens

ganswein, schonborn, maradiaga, muller, Posters... etc,etc one by one, with pressure in
less than two weeks,

trying to recover BERGOGLIO

do not be deceived, documents to kill everyone are there, dioceses killing authorized are there, wrong Evil teaching Pushed, Blasphemy, Heresy, Apostasy, allah etc,etc imposed

*birds of the same group, together

typically of a corrupted mind, ruined, in a generation, walking with evil to ~justify their demons

"she is the "governor", with the hair like a man... but she is doing great!, but she is lesbian, no, no family and is known about it"
"she is a mother of 3" but she walks with lesbians, and the crazy immature feminists, cause they think the same in one point

all of them, although being mother of a 100 ~in the road to hell, ~same group, anti-testimony, satan behind

a big hypocrit; deceiving them-self, with their own-lies, but of course can't deceive others
you are just going to perdition, ~you    that's it

no one else

you choose your silly life, ugly
who cares? who are you? oh, the last coke of the desert!? laugh at them

you warned them hard in front of  God? you did your job. let the time pass and let them jump from the bridge with their evil inside

just to think they are "awesome" or "important"

no sweetie, you are not

not knowing people of God care about --> others affected,
dont be confused
not the devil and the same "old stupid story". who was warned.
~Not interested at all (repeat that 100 times, until understand clear).

you want death, is ~your ugly life,

just in case

you change in the future? good for you

im Not interested at all (repeat that 100 times, until understand clear).

Friday, April 21, 2017

deformation, "the faith is born on easter morning"

repeating a deformation

...have a subtle deformation, faith is from before, prophets, promise etc Incarnation, Miracles, the testimony, the Cross... etc for example a handicapped healed, has his faith to be "summarized" and to present it "born" on easter, transmits that whatever he did is not too relevant, separating him of God

other purpose of being constructed like that

*"the Name of God is: mercy"

not too "recent"

the Name of God is 4 consonants, YHVH (not Yhwh, in the tetragrammaton the w doesn't exist)
and the closer pronunciation is Yah veh

what about justice? the Name of God is justice?

(Great qualities, actions et is "the Name" ?

*schism, schism, waiting for BERGOGLIO, moving

what happen? the move is on
while BERGOGLIO is out of control like sending people

a war to destroy Christ's church, for the history

maradiaga, communist
I think, in the first place, that they [the four cardinals] have not read Amoris Laetitia, because, unfortunately, this is the case! I know the four and I say that they are already in retirement. How come they have not said anything about those who manufacture weapons? Some are in countries that manufacture and sell weapons for all the genocide that is happening in Syria, for example. Why? I would not want to put it – shall we say – too strongly; only God knows people’s consciences and inner motivations; but, from the outside it seems to me to be a new pharisaism. They are wrong; they should do something else

Allah's machine

something "related", while also others publish about the same theme etc  looks with no exit

*Concerts for luther's celebration about inside churches

a priest designated Archbishop in 2015 by BERGOGLIO

Image result for Erio Castellucci

Modena italy
like a protestant fpr Archbishop

the church as a "hall" for your event, as the anglicans used the altar of st peter basilica for the first time, Apostasy of the faith

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More Blasphemy for easter, putting and leaving in doubts the resurrection, a hate to God

April 16.-

...once again broke with tradition on Easter Sunday, delivering a largely improvised homily centered on "a phone call from the day before" with a young engineer suffering from a serious illness.

Image result for if christ resurrected pope francis urbi et orbi 2017

"...if he has come back from the dead, “how do these things happen, so many tragedies: illnesses, human trafficking, human exploitation, wars, destruction, mutilations, vengeance, hatred?”
“Where is the Lord?” he asked aloud.
Francis then shared that on Saturday he’d phoned a young man, an engineer with a “serious illness,” and the pope told him “there are no explanations for what’s happening to you. Look at Jesus crucified, God has done this with his son. There’s no other explanation.” [a Totally False explanation, representing God as unjust... when Christ's life is explained, not a suffering and "i dont know"]
To this, the pontiff said, the man answered: “Yes, but he [God] asked his Son and the Son said yes. He didn’t ask me if I wanted this.
“And this moves us. Not one of us is asked, ‘Are you happy with what’s happening in the World? Are you willing to carry this cross?’” he said.

etc garbage
...closing his homily, Francis called upon those present to think about the every-day problems of life, illnesses, wars, human tragedies and say, “with a humble voice, without flowers, alone, to God who’s in front of us: ‘I don’t know how this is going, but i’m sure that Christ has risen.

of course After dropping a great poison, doubt, unjust, If, WHY these things happen WITH NO EXPLANATION to all, another claiming God full of pride, etc then the 'to say very silently in a
way "he is risen"

don't you see how he wants to put the misteries of Christ, translated for refugees, communism, Liberalism etc giving it to people as "the same", like the via crucis, everybody meditating about feminism, prostitution, migrants

"cause you know, is like the same of Christ", you know "the new ways of suffering" THAT'S A LIE, A DECEIT

the mystical misteries, is not to be changed for your religion, your theme, how you like for the moment


nullity in the middle of the Sacred Holy week. and about suffering God gives the answer, the sin, and God shows to people who ask about crosses, Most of the people know VERY WELL why they are suffering...
why a tragedy? ISLAM, societies of death
why wars? the Evil imposing to dominate the world
why misery? the sin a life not for sanctity, instead for "each own" purpose, each head with their own thought of life, which is wrong
why, why.. All have the answer, about Christ he explained very well the mission, as other souls victims doing the right thing, sanctity etc

is NOT to leave an "unjust god", and guilty like doing the bad thing to others, just unexplained, A BIG LIE like if "he does that to his son"

but he said this "the other day", he puts the venom in water
is not just the venom...
he has to say normal things and ADD the poison

BERGOGLIO IS A SATANIC. as his followers are

giving that to a lot of people and media, planified
the group, kasper, marx et objectively working for the perdition of the rest

a vomit, statue of BERGOGLIO Inside a church, for the media, serpents of the church happy

it is so impressive how God use specifically about vomiting

it's hard to find other meaning so precise to express what transmit, the objective rottenness of devil's people, and smiling possesed

they are not ashamed to make the reportage, ~normal
brazil (maybe one of his group to promote this, combined)

same as in a "catholic" store you find object with him saying pray for us, and his diabolic cross, unique, with the pigeon falling, plummeting (all a project of him)
with his face "jorge mario bergoglio" more like his religion

not ashamed, like a vomit in person
you ask them Why you sell that? are you crazy?

they just smile with their unhappy life, dying, "oh, thats nice" like a cancer

all that kind of people will go to hell, you, dont have nothing to do with them

put the right things clear, although they say "ooh, he hurt my feelings"

Yes. i love to smash serpents. respect God, respect the true church, respect the people. promoting the perdition with your stupid face and the ever 'nothing happens

tired of the wolves, be a Fire, healthy. and face them

try to find other word, different than a vomit?
for this high levels of a piggery

no matter the age, "the majority",
will go to perdition, only a few
real valiants for Christ, true catholic doctrine
against them, facing them, will go to heaven
with the testimony

they dont care about Mortal sin, documents, they just like ~the theater, fake ones, "to appear"

it is not a casualty the use of:   hypocrite

for condemned

behind, usually the Mortal sin in their private life, God knows ~everything

*the pestilence of a woman"we can do it!"

they just want to feed the monster that they have inside
they hear just "something" and the monster living in them, want to eat
like crazy, to feed them

God assigned a role that man cant do
God assigned a role that woman cant do

a feminist putting a woman as man labor, pushing, promoting, is just
a person with a monster inside

even though they dont recognize it or notice

complexes, etc --> reflected like that
what? what? "we can do it!!" ~just totally immature

and putting that in the mind of others

a Pestilence

Poor of a man who choose an "immature monster"

a normal person accept they are created for different things, different labors, roles,
not to be a Ridicule saying "here and i can do it!! tell everyone i can!! or we can!
tired of the same childish, very easy to identify them, no matter the age

all that related to lesbianism, demons, deep complexes et

Mary wants to be a carpenter? or Joseph do the women thing?

so everyone see i can!!!!

so hard to endure the stupid over and over
imposing the craziness to others.    dont be deceived by new stupid kid pushing the Hell, All the rottenness that have inside, to eat

[here is not promoted marriage. as it is explained in the bible, is promoted a chaste life, as Christ, Joseph, Mary etc living for God, true happiness, absolute truth
life is for sanctity, not for nothing else

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

*of course one by one, "schonborn turn", quick, Benedict has not abdicated under external pressure"

Impressive, how much insistence

Looks like someone is out of control inside the vatican

wolves moving, fast, pushing

"His friendship with Jesus gave him freedom."
now saying benedict is not conservative or progressive so people think ~he is with them

Image result for schonborn

no one need like "urgent" lies of schonborn, Benedict defended the doctrine, since long time... then forced to resign, does nothing

~that is the reality

*what a mockery, 300 posters in rome "positively" forced for francis and leading people to open their minds

Written in both Italian and English, the posters call on all cardinals, priests and bishops to follow with love the “wise advice” of the Pope, and to “read our Holy Bible with open eyes, hearts and minds.”

open minds, who put these posters? he sent Marx? or maybe Spadaro?

BERGOGLIO thinks he is "smart"

April 18
in Urgent mode

*Blasphemy, "In the resurrection, Christ rolled back the stone of the tomb, but he wants also to break down all the walls..."

diabolic teaching, inserting the venom constantly

Christ himself rolled back the stone

and about walls, refugees, communism

assining to Christ
but he wants also to break down all the walls that keep us locked in our sterile pessimism, in our carefully constructed ivory towers that isolate us from life, in our compulsive need for security and in boundless ambition (referring to "capitalism") that can make us compromise the dignity of others. ("common good")

directly re-writing, against the bible

In the resurrection, Christ rolled back the stone of the tomb, but he wants also to break down all the walls that keep us locked in our sterile pessimism, in our carefully constructed ivory towers that isolate us from life, in our compulsive need for security and in boundless ambition that can make us compromise the dignity of others.

Easter vigil

the discourse explained from latin american communists, strategy: sentimental thieves
as chavez, "the picture with the child", oh so humble, et "the picture with the sick", oh so humble
Fidel "the man with the people", walking in the middle of "the crowd",
is part of them, as lenin, stalin
to convince "a crowd" that can be deceived with those kind of actions quickly

"oh he pays by himself the hotel" oh, he doesnt want the "carnival" clothes of a pope
the some say, Oh, i like him

not understanding what is the project

a lot of people after the first signs, be careful, evil communist right there, they smell them
the vulgarity, breaking, for the illicit things, etc

"the cut"

like in venezuela many people "didnt know", watching that sentimentalism, "oh, so humble, a good man", now they know, the tragedy, the public sector, to Steal, Killers, atheists, misery, crying

are you with BERGOGLIO destroying Christ , imposing the evil, communism, islam etc you are on the road to Hell

5th paragr of his homily text,_2017/1306003

*the Atheist dictator and his theater to deceive idiots

"common good" the poor, No walls, et 
learn from the wisdom of china

Related image

Image result for papa francisco comunista

Image result for papa francisco comunista

you, resign now
you, go
all of you out, go cupich, schonborn, marx...
you, receive the communion in Mortal Sin. tell them All. NO Other Interpretation.
No sacraments, luther, dont be lukewarm, gaia
im the owner of ~the new bible
the communism, or you are not catholic
Islam, No borders, repeating Push everyone, et
it is like "stalin", a nightmare

*3 dead, who shot? Muhammed, when was detained, was screaming "Allahu Akbar"


religion of peace? the serpent wants everyone opening their home, when he doesn't even tell the places
for "security reasons"

for the perdition of humanity

April 18
Police said the man who killed three people on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday while shouting "Allahu Akbar" wanted to kill as many people as possible...

in the "doctrine", it doesn't matter if someone is "pacific or not"

*reminder, MONSTERS OF ABOMINATIONS, aberrations, CONSTRUCTED to Kill you

a reminder
of a SICK place,


MOST OF THE WRITERS people with problems, spirits of seduction from the devil, contained, psychological damage
"peter la barbera",
"steve weatherbe" etc, etc garbage

(many already noticed and understood very well about the sickness) but a reminder for others

with a "cover and hipocresy" that is defending "life" CONSTRUCTED TO DESTROY YOU. FULL OF SICKNESS


a complete damage to spiritual life of everybody

do you want sanctity? a life to God?  DONT FOLLOW THAT SPACE. dont put your eyes to them


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

*another priest died in venzuela, the communism "the common good" "the poor", Maduro, francis, Fidel etc

Caracas, Apr 17 17 / 12:48 pm .- A young priest in Venezuela died on Saturday, April 15 after waiting for a few days to get the medicines that did not have the hospital where he was hospitalized.

other priest communicated the same via social media because of this death, about the lack of medicine

The priest had severe headaches on Palm Sunday and was admitted to hospital on Holy Wednesday,
he died on saturday.

Cardinal Baltazar Porras, Archbishop of Mérida, also helped in the search for medicines and managed to get some on the same Saturday, but the priest died...

Listen to this Abuse, while BERGOGLIO ~laugh supporting maduro,
to the Media and about the priest
The country lacks approximately 80% of the basic medical supplements, according to the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela.

they just want all the people dead

they are killers, combined... they have tricks

Hundreds of health workers protested in March to improve access to medicines and treatments. Many of the protesters carried prescription drugs they said that they could not find in pharmacies.

the accounts of chavez's family, just "a daugther" Millions etc documented
and related people et like a group

Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, suffers a serious economic crisis

thank to who? the thieves for the "common good"

highest level of inflation of the world...
thank to them, stealing all

In 2016 it reached 500% and, according to the International Monetary Fund, this year is expected to reach 1,660%.

are you with BERGOGLIO? you are on the road to Hell, as clear as it sounds.

*the responsible for many people to think "russia and china are good", sputnik and RT (russia today) stupid follow them

this has been warned and put it in the main page about RT
cause they are the ones taking the crowd to perdition
a brain wash
in english and spanish, a hard, insistent, deformation
dedicated for more than 4 years, constantly
"underground" reaching a Lot of people

putting Russia as the king, destroying united states, as the bad, years and years
with a hammer and many young people confused

but Finally thank God, people are waking up, glad to hear this, after all the huge damage caused of RT

in people's mind; today you just need to be stupid to follow them or putin KGB "the angel of love"

objective job, Russia's lies

that page, lies, cynism etc for the communism to the world, uncovered
also like arabs as journalists, "what a surprise", defend north korea, maduro etc like a chain,
should be prohibited

*of course, a "conference" now ~they are going to pray together, allah

to Cairo, egypt, towards to Mecca

Heretics, all lies together, Bartholomew I et

"Bartholomew I will accompany Francis on his trip to Egypt,

Both leaders will pray for peace with Al Tayeb at Al Azhar..."

to take differences of christians and muslims, because allah doesnt want that

Image result for false pope francis muslim la verdad / the truth

the rug for the invocations of Muslims, for "salat", is placed with the drawing of the mihrab, towards where they have to look (down, the picture) pointing alquibla, the Kaaba, in Mecca
All Muslims are required to know the qibla or direction towards Mecca from their home or where they are.
he went and specifically looks for the mirab, the rug
for invocations, with the head, to mecca

each one with the rug
looking the "mihrab"

many styles et

Image result for false pope francis mahmoud abbas la verdad / the truth

that reminds when he was in mosque and was specified for the media, that he was the one who ask the iman "to adore god" together, towards mecca

read this carefully
"For security reasons, the program of the pope in Egypt during the two days does not specify the place of the meetings"

in the Vatican page shows, like visit to... a person, discourse, lunch with, ceremony
no places
of meetings

What about the encounter?
you said security reasons? walls, protection
not Even tell secured places?
is not a Religion of peace??
come on do it as always
what happen
what about
the reception, to open your home?


*BERGOGLIO is Destroyed, agonizing, ganswein's rescue failed, he is going no where

the deceit is clear, he is just trying to walk "slow" "thinking" he can recover
ganswein, Failed
BERGOGLIO is going No where
"losing his time" he can't move anymore
must ~resign

April 17, 2017   for the world, waiting


no muller as "good", just to understand how serius, how far
media etc   waiting for him, he has no exit

schonborn warns, explains about
no communism?, no eucharist

they are just crazy, out of control, evident

ganswein is very nervous repeating like a parrot about everything is fine!, he is going to stay for a month?, explaining that like an "every day"? relax
that he (benedict) knows about the controversy! like nothing! he support, to be accepted from everyone!

~absolutely bringing the opposite, evident, what is occurring inside
and sending a "parrot" to give interviews, "like urgent" mode

spiritual, BERGOGLIO knows the spiritual world
many are not familiar about the forces, colors, specific actions, etc connected to the spiritual world, possesions etc for supernatural
for example is not "casualty" the wine-grape, for blood, is not "casualty" blood of sheeps etc the goats for evil, spiritual meaning IN this world, working, forces  just to mention example, fasting
is not casualty the Lord specifies to send to a prison, judge etc and to choose the prison, for condemnation etc it is a reality of spirits, demons, etc
like a saint ingest sanctity as the written details, and a person for the devil, opening, for demons to work about what is written "as doors"
taking blood, related to souls, life of the people
although many think "is just for a hospital", no, you are an idiot, he is smarter than you

all of this is in concordance to take people to Hell, with the False mercy, approving the Mortal sin, etc he put in charge servers of the devils.

and some people "scared" just dont want to believe it. horrified
there's an EVIL group working for that from long time ago, wolves, for the devil. not everyone is in the book of life. they recognize to each other
money, double life et and to deceive others, like a theater, just to destroy Christ.

~last moments of BERGOGLIO

comment, porn, S-U-I-C-I-D-E. just matter of time

just to be clear to same crazy people promoting death writings, like "nothing happens"

i have seen a girl just totally crazy, and after talk a little of course related

porn is vinculated directly to dementia, demons, SUICIDE
a lot of people related just became Crazy
with the time,
a lot of testimonies of others, works to destroy parameters of the mind.

Lord has been clear, explained
not consent impurity in your mind.

why?? does God lie?, all are controlled, physical et connected

permanent Mortal sin, as if it is committed.
the devil approved etc
as the man desiring... Mortal sin, adultery as if commited
in the explaination by Christ.

all that is in the eyes (what you look), and the enter (entrance), approving or not
called consent
or to change the thoughts and dont let that get in
to play with fire, destroy the mind

sins kill, never give life
just walkin to the coffin
suffering, HELL

killing yourself, mind damages

one of the major reason people (the crowd) go to hell is the impurity, entering, consenting
only valiants deal, fight and are very careful where to put the sight, read et

not all the places

and to walk only in right things, pure... dominating the eyes, and won't be at risk

so nothing from the devil, enter
not consent. Hell

not a game, is Mortal sin
you die you are going to Hell
God is not with you, apart, desolation

dont follow any crazy to destroy you, to take you to perdition, as they are
if they want the Hell, after been warned, let them burn... you stay seriously Away from them.
forever, like something repugnant,
look for your salvation, right things. sanctity, at the end you will see who was the smart

Sunday, April 16, 2017

*do not be deceived by what comes from the serpent

Enemy of God, as his group none of them "catholics"
a plan

Saturday, April 15, 2017

*Blasphemy, Jesus "il Capo", Mafia context, for slaves

also mentioned about that ritual for slaves
...a washing a "habit before the launches"
a gesture to remember and ~just next mentioning the bread the wine,
leaving everthing as a Protestant
which is absolutely false, turned on purpose, a serpent

April 13, 2017

cross made by the hands of other prisoners, condemned, to guide for the "ceremony", active spiritual symbolism

his religion as no true pope, Prison, Priestess, Other beliefs etc

Creepy, Dark, like in a Hell, condemned

to ingest inside the prison, (all spiritual) he knows very well what is he doing

Enemy of God, server of the devil.

*Abomination, Blasphemy, Jesus became the greatest SINNER without having committed any

very grave
not too "recent"

the Lord Jesus Christ - God, became a SINNER
although didnt commit

11th paragr

Although he didn't commit, Jesus became a Great Sinner?

Where does God say that in his words?

this is grave Blasphemy, Apostasy

Jesucristo el Senor se ha convertido en el PECADOR mas grande
aunque no cometio

parrafo #8,_dijo_el_papa/1171725

donde dice Dios eso en Su Palabra?

aunque "no cometio pecado"... JESUS SE HA CONVERTDO EN UN GRAN PECADOR??

Grave Blasfemia, Apostasia


Gesu diventando il più grande PECCATORE 
anche senza aver fatto

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anche senza aver fatto, grande PECCATORE?

grave Bestemmia, Apostasia

Friday, April 14, 2017

Christ died for you in public, dont live for him, for his words, in private

don't live for the truth in private, he sends you for the testimony

*that's how the communism ends, misery, crying, beasts killing everyone etc priest: beheaded

two days ago, two trucks with food arrived... and because of people are dying, hungry
was explaining the mother Oliva

in a climate of terror, violence, also increasing the persecution of "catholics" against the system in venezuela, some have turned to murder. ~the responsible have not been apprehended yet.

(sometimes the same communists in charge eliminate people with "delinquents", so "no one knows"
as possessed many say chavez lives! (their red beast), and writings on walls begin to appear: death to priest!
and for all opposed to the regime of death

not long ago a priest used a social media to ask for "a medicine", cause it is a reality that people, kids etc are dying in hospitals from minor things... they "basically" have nothing
emergency, surgery? it could be probably your last day
a sad picture
many videos of people showing the real situation

April 10, the priest Diego Begolla, house coordinator of the  Franciscans de La Victoria  in Aragua state, was found beheaded in his office.

Begolla's body showed signs of violence and the neck was cut with an edged weapon. The situation had a serious impact on the elderly Father Suso, who knows him.

the assailants took computer equipment, valuables, food etc

The news caused shock

that's what BERGOGLIO wants, officially supporting the dictatorship, thanks to him "they are in dialogue" being smart, so everyone dies or leave the country, and the group will be the owners (same strategy of cuba)
a process until getting tired, the people with no hope anymore

they love to see people dying; BERGOGLIO must be laughing

food controlled, etc on purpose A LOT of videos, serious people crying eating just like a corn "pancake" like for the everyday and just one time in a day, kids..etc long lines, hours for butter, oil, minor things (people dying waiting in a line, fights, reported)

in a jail, eating cats, pigeons etc and finally TWO PERSONS

they prepared with rice

from being a Normal country, when communists took it...
craziness and misery, a Hell, using the same discourse "common good" for "the poor", themes used by Fidel
tactics, that some people are not familiar ~techniques, from russia
celebrate with BERGOGLIO, A SATANIST