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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Friday, March 31, 2017

*"to receive 4 Imams", allah to everyone

Cardinal Nichols is due to travel to Rome with four imams next week for an audience with the pope.
(they need to honor allah many times in the week) declarations, whatever etc

 "I think that people of faith have a lot to offer."... said nichols publicly, created cardinal by BERGOGLIO

It is understood that the meeting has been planned and is not related to the terror attack in Westminster last week.

This is seen as a highly significant gesture to curb the wave of Islamophobia sweeping across Europe 

allah in the vatican

*Blasphemy, turning, lies, etc to deceit, deviate

"peter crucified head first so that God could wash his feet" acistampa bishops ad limina March 27

a cruel martyrdom by the roman empire, etc explained about washing feet...

as he Blasphemes Jesus when he has the opportunity, now took the Holy trinity

like the "Jesus pretends"...

“Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors but on the outside they give the picture of unity.” representatives theological ethics March 17

about the man lying ill 38 years, the pool...etc 

deviated to "the ugly sin of Sloth". paralyzes
captured by many

a lot of words and Never to mention about sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee

all sounds more likely to Mobilizes no matter how... popular movement, left etc

the apostasy, the mockery for perdition

*"for the birthday of Vardhamana Mahavira" Vatican Message

Image result for mahavira statue

March 30
the Vatican has issued a message to Jains on the occasion of the birthday of Vardhamana Mahavira, an important figure in the history of the Indian religion.

Both our religions give primacy to a life of love and nonviolence,” Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran and Father Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot continued. They added:

As believers rooted in our own religious convictions and as persons with shared values and with the sense of co-responsibility for the human family, may we, joining other believers and people of good will, do all that we can, individually and collectively, to shape families into ‘nurseries’ of nonviolence to build a humanity that cares for our common home and all its inhabitants!

Wish you all a happy feast of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak!

Christ died because of the one truth
or hugging the wrong?, so the other dont get angry and to make "a better place"

a person who leaves others with the mistake
is loving them?
absolutely not, that is to take to perdition. not testimony

they are just
following their satanic head

Image result for false pope francis mother earth la verdad / the truth

she is the one who has given us life
"the giver of life" "is not God anymore"

[spanish] Musulmanes, judios etc NO tienen el mismo padre que católicos

[spanish/Muslim, jewish, etc not the same father entry]

el que no quiere a Cristo Dios como el salvador, hace las obras de su padre
el diablo
distinto, eso va para las "religiones"

la unica puerta para entrar al cielo, su doctrina el unico camino
(islam, judios, religiones etc)

Fijese bien para la situacion actual, lo mismo

..."hacéis las obras de vuestro padre."...
..."no tenemos más padre que a Dios"...
..."Jesús les respondió: «Si Dios fuera vuestro Padre, --> me amaríais a mí"...

bien claro NO ES el mismo padre.

..."Vosotros sois de vuestro padre el diablo y queréis cumplir los deseos de vuestro padre."...
(Jn 8, 41-44)

el que no lo acepta como salvador / unico camino... tiene un padre diferente, el diablo

aunque diga "le rezamos a dios" "dios es nuestro padre" (como ellos le han explicado a el mismo en su cara)


si no tiene al hijo NO tiene al padre.    (BERGOGLIO impone la mentira)
pensamiento, boca (la palabra), manos, pertenece a Uno,

"El que niega al Hijo, no tiene al Padre;"
(1 Jn 2, 23)

Musulmanes, hijo de Dios? no
Judios, hijo de Dios? no

NO TIENEN EL MISMO PADRE. (como los que no aceptaban a Cristo y el les explico que su padre era el diablo)

NO ES a la Santisima Trinidad que es el:  Dios verdadero.

la situacion, ellos tienen a "un dios" sin aceptar a Cristo, camino de condenacion
porque el es la puerta. Cristo lo especifico. y no Miente.

Si Dios fuera vuestro Padre, --> me amaríais a mí

si ha visto a Cristo, ha visto al Padre tambien (como alguien con pensamiento, palabra y manos,
UN DIOS) que pertenece a la misma substancia

"Felipe le dijo: Señor, muéstranos al Padre y nos basta.

Jesús le dijo: "Llevo tanto tiempo con vosotros, ¿y todavía no me conoces, Felipe? El que me ha visto a mí ha visto al Padre. ¿Cómo dices tú: Muéstranos al Padre?
(Jn 14, 8-9)

el satanico quiere vender la mentira continua "del mismo padre", FALSO
"olvide las palabras Sagradas de Cristo"
un lobo

la iglesia verdadera por alrededor de 2000 años llamo a la conversion, la predica del Evangelio a las naciones, el mundo, el único camino, para la salvacion, la doctrina catolica verdadera, NO hay vida sin Jesucristo.
camino de muerte, condenacion. aunque muchos digan para su invento o lo que se le ocurra, es "a dios"

ya usted sabe lo que ensena Cristo sobre los judios que no le aceptaban, aunque se diga
"es a dios"

Cristo es la palabra de Dios
Dios mismo hablando

el satánico llama a los MUSULMANES sobre el mismo padre, (que no es la Santisima Trinidad) imponiendolo, también da un ejemplo de las manos y los dedos

Gran engaño, servidor de satanás
no necesita a Cristo, invocar" tienes a dios"
como lo ha hecho antes y cuando puede

camino de condenacion, apostasia, dígalo a todos

Thursday, March 30, 2017

*Attention, who does not believe in Christ God as the savior, (Muslims, jewish etc) DOES NOT have the same father

sheep and wolves, are Not brothers

if you dont want Christ God as the savior, you want to do the works of your father
the devil
distinct, that goes for "religions"

he is the only door to go to heaven, his doctrine the only way
(that goes for MUSLIMS, jewish, religions etc)

"You are doing the works of your father" ...
"If God were your Father, --> you would love me," ...
"You belong to your father the devil and you willingly carry out your father's desires" ...
(Jn 8, 41-44)

Christ explained clearly, for the one who doesnt want him as the savior/ way... has a different father, the devil

although they say "we pray to god" "god is our father" (similar as they explained to him)
FALSE death

if you dont have the son you don't have the father, you cant separate
the thought from the mouth(word) or the hands, belongs to One, himself
"No one who denies the Son has the Father, but whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well."
(1 Jn 2, 23)

MUSLIMS,  son of God? no
jewsish,  son of God? no

their father is NOT your father
cause the-Holy-Trinity is God.

the situation, they have "a god" and not accepting Christ, road to Hell
notice well, If God WERE your father... all clear. Jesus does not lie, NOT your father

if you have seen Christ you have seen the father already too (as someone with thought, word, hands, is ONE GOD) belongs to the same substance

"Philip said to him, Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us."
Jesus said to him, Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'?"
(Jn 14, 8-9)

the satanic wants to sell the lie "the same father", FALSE
forget about Sacred Christ's words
thats a wolf right there

the true church for around 2000 years called for the conversion, to preach the gospel to the world for the salvation, true catholic doctrine, not "same father" of the road of death, condemnation

Christ is the word of God
God himself speaking

the satanic called MUSLIMS about the same father and also put an example of a hand and fingers

a Big deceit, satan's server
you dont need Christ, invocate, "you have god"
as before, and many times when he can

road of condemnation

*The Arabian Muslim of the vatican, the Heretic destroying everything

a demolition, of demons, while many called "catholics" are in silence, After formal documents, against God, his church, salvation
Heretics to everywhere by him, communism, laudato si etc

this is not isolated deterioration, is Intalled to honor allah for in a days contained in a week, without stopping
forcing everyone to accept islam and to be mixed, as apostles in the institution of the eucharist,, asking for their invocation continuosly
Not to the Holy Trinity

"you are a Muslim Arabian""one of us"
(notice just like 4 days after ingesting under halal)
"the same father"koran, wearings, everything so people know
March 29




he is ready, dressed

to Mecca
Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

but she is not apostle of Christ doctrine?
~he couldnt kneel?

For First time in history MUSLIMS apostles
Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

denounce the false teacher, false pope
they took the chair of St Peter

First time in history, he brought allah prayers inside the vatican
Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth


Image result for false pope francis muslim islam la verdad / the truth
follow the koran for salvation, a wolf

MUSLIM IRAN president and his atrocities
Image result for false pope francis muslim islam la verdad / the truth

the well known MUSLIM Terrorist, Palestinian mahmoud Abbas

the guilties are, who fabricate "a knife"!
"and the one who constructs buildings, so they throw people from the top"

"catholics are the terrorist"

etc,etc,etc, just to put some "quick" from the long list
apostasy installed
denounce him, he wants the perdition of everyone

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

*"It is just a "celebration"

as his false teacher BERGOGLIO,

when people can’t go on Sunday to the Catholic celebration they go to the Anglican, and the Anglicans go to the Catholic, because they don’t want to spend Sunday without a celebration;

I think this is a richness [treasure] that our young Churches can bring to Europe

like "celebration" is whatever you want to do... and is "the same"

he is calling a richness, apostasy, for the eucharist
the true one

no transubstantiation, false priesthood, false teaching etc dont talk about sacrifice
other, protestants etc not lukewarm lutherans
follow luther

following their head to Hell, common

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

*communism installed in the vatican, the clear apostasy on all ambit

Image result for falso papa francisco comunista la verdad / the truth

he called for the "nuclear weapons"? no, that was the introduction cover,
the body is to implement the communists goals
actually to see the unncentre is like reading radio vaticana, border, water, refugee etc until vomit
evidently socialist, like for the "Altruism" "philanthropy" dedicated for politic, ecology, marxism and dependability, "is the doctrine of Christ"
Lie, changed, not for to be a serious saint for the After life, the importance of salvation, strong and radical about God, like the prophets, Christ, etc

not the "paradise" "almost done" promoted by thieves, dictators, well known selling that to steal

maybe after to respond,  does that exist?  who goes there?
a "space" like that is just  -to be forgotten, ~not to go there, dont give your eyes to them, craziness (warning about all diabolical)

"God is not the center of projects" anymore
(just 4th prgraph message, not interested in that garbage to be published or "dedicate time")

communists, planned, denounce his falsehood in all ambits for the perdition

*the collection for the spritual annulment of the institution of the eucharist

the apostasy on all ambits

"apostles"... Prisoners under condemnation of a judge

2016 ILLEGALS refugees
2017 ?

the whole schedule published, except in coena domini

they know about all people, many discovered,

at this time, formal

they are scared, many places notice the same, the game is finished
languages, etc also published about it in german, english, spanish, the why that, ~knowing


*expenses, air contamination, fuels, chemicals, hours in a plane

why you don't take a bike to other country? "the ecology is more important", or does not apply to you?
the imposition is not for "the dictators", as the communist never make "a line" for the bread of the month (the common always for --> the rest

a cynical clown, commercialization all about money
taking and putting heretics
false church, false teaching, false documents, false pope

for the "one ~day pastoral" and populism, a Plane to Milan
Image result for Francis gets off the plane at Milan-Linate airport
for everyone, peripheries, peripheries!

Monday, March 27, 2017

*approves and to receive 99 names of alah, eats prepared by hands under halal

of course to honor alah, and to ingest preparation by hands of his servers, (under halal, spells for food, prohibitions, their rules)

"visit to catholics" of milan, and they prepared for ISLAM

BERGOGLIO approves and Specifies to the camera, about ~the adjectives and receives it
to false god, who is not Yahveh, Holy Trinity
"he is not blessing alah", he is talking and pointing
very happy

to ingest
to interior

*"the Top aide and advisor"

walk to destroy everything now
never stop

support "the popes"?
sound like three popes
and a lot of churches

the group
"dont think about to stop, let find some ways"
"let's go with luther, is almost ready, re-written"

*the false church, communist; about trump

not any true pope authorized Formal documents in Rupture. as all from the false BERGOGLIO

related and the information in many places

here is supported all from the right, as it is indicated in the bible for saved ones,
to the left, condemnation

extreme? sanctity is not "in the middle", God calls you for extreme, for extra-ordinary results
extreme correct, is sanctity. and it is a duty of everyone to look for that for the everyday with the corresponding effort, and the help, grace of God

only the right, nothing from left
walls, protection, death societies that doesnt want the problem solved with the truth,
they have to face the situation, consequences of wrong, the lie, their style, and cry and change or die
your death to be export? to others? no
if you want the wrong die alone, cause you want it, but dont come to kill others and take to perdition


trump should know that God gives and God takes if you dont obey,
her wife must definetly stop wearing red, it is spiritual -wife, union
he has to look the way to destroy obamacare, and to propose something well done, prepared, more like it was before red obama care-socialist; although something new not too "great", but just to stop it, the common (they start with a healthcare system) roots, cut it
dont cut nothing to Israel, cause God takes you out. playing with Fire (all that is spiritual)
and be strong against the wave of obama, not playing in "twitter" or saying things like a teenager, to destroy your seriuosness of your charge. translated not accepting
work with the other republicans to get something different than the obama, accepted as allies not enemies,
defend the truth of God and keep it, in purity, become true catholic (not from francis) and whatever happens God will protect you
not serious judge etc...? you lose God takes you, dont play with fire
you are the one who is going to lose

burke "says"... about 4 years of atrocities and the "to tell the pope"

the other say this, the other say that, the song

all catholics are called to focus for the testimony, against BERGOGLIO, not waiting if a cardinal
"do or not do", after 4 years of atrocities, the game, like the same song for entertainment, while people are falling to perdition

muller says this, the other say that...
don't "wait" for no one to fight against BERGOGLIO, God is calling you, with the same way to do it. not for the repeating song, we must "tell the pope"

denounce him, denounce the false church imposed, give the testimony. not waiting for the same song, scratched
for the entertainment of the day

satanic influences to destroy you

"a team"

the young one "claire chretien"
be careful with the "bisexual" of the one"lifesitenews" and her themes, Sick, thinking everyone has the same dementia like her, and promoting bisexuals man, women, etc to others with effort, like a man, imposing her demons
the old lady working with her is "lisa bourne", also with immorality

[public picture]

the girl also promotes, like "lesbians" videos speaking, under the image of feminist, other with the satanic jezebel -literally-, etc
and her ~free speech

the demons in that space are all around, sick, it was said many times, -seriously- and wont be like repeating. you know already

Sunday, March 26, 2017

"no walls, bridges"

Not order, not countries, anarchy, all beliefs, marxist world
his teacher to follow is a terrorist, killing?, "he has rights, freedom, nothing is bad",
there's not only one truth
"craziness is valuable"
BERGOGLIO's satanic dream

(image from a "social network" of other)

denounce him clear, don't let BERGOGLIO rule the world
from your side must be the support only for the right of the truth, which is one, NEVER follow crazies for the right of the one who take others to perdition

Saturday, March 25, 2017

"prepare the camera" for the number one populist

to the "neighborhood"
visiting a house, is not here? make a phone call so to know "who is visiting the house" who is here with "the people"

"he is so humble" don't forget the camara,
not any undernourished child around? or a person with limitations? for the every week a picture?

or muslims?

he uses the "portable bathroom"

El Papa hace uso de un baño portátil al inicio de su visita a Milán. Foto: Captura Youtube

sentimentalism is a little low, what is going on?
put it louder
Eat with prisoners, in the prison, rice, french fries...

with officials, authorities et

and took a rest for 30 minutes in a room of the prison

padre pio pray for us

Image result for padre pio

Image result for padre pio

to live for God

*Mary vs jezebel, very different

the opposite reigning is the spirit of jezebel a satanic in the bible, opposed to elijah, for liberalism, impure, prostitution, inmorality...
the spirit of jezebel (which the name indicates about demons, diabolical against Yahveh, or who is in charge) serving for Baal, or the "underworld"
today some crazy people promote in social network, openly about jezebel
which is a Mortal sin, like a curse on them
they are just going to the Hell, thinking they are awesome
How was the end from God?
thrown out a window, her blood spattered against the wall... flesh had been eaten by stray dogs, just as the prophet Elijah had prophesied.
ask a priest about who is the satanic jezebel
and repent
(better if you dont pronounce the name)

this is written as an act of mercy, cause for all the other things
just the perdition, to tell every day

March 25
humble yes to the one who dictates roles, life, his will
not immaturity of who is best, who is major, who is over
no one is, sanctity is the major
cause God controls everything

*comment "a new left party" mobilizing

like a new left party for government,

March 23
general audience

together, insistent
march 20, cupich speaking

March 22
The U.S. bishops in a pastoral reflection released March 22 called all Catholics... about refugees Etc

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)...
and writing to their elected representatives urging  them to support humane immigration policies.

sounds ruined and they ~need to activate people

United nations, March 24 to observe, recognized, and about romero
paglia, the official promoter of the sainthood cause.

"talking about him, to clean his image", strategy

when he does the Evil , he calls for that the next days, "accusing it"... so nothing happens

"Catholic atheists" "Catholic pagans"
on purpose

        March 23

March 21
Image result for goddess fertility la verdad / the truth

looking for the communism to destroy europe and the world

a representative final judgment picture

Pope Francis: EU ‘risks dying if it loses direction’

the big populist, cynic of the world accusing the ~populism
(strategy so others think he is absolutely not)

when the time "finished", evil things, to continue, for all kind of liberalism, etc punishment will come
death, tears, all impure of the world
world, style of life, will be as not seen before

Friday, March 24, 2017

*what is presented by a camara for minutes etc "the act, protocol", Not the real situation

never be confused, also opposed presidents of  the world and its lies

that eliminates the testimony
and take many people to perdition

same thing with Fra Festing, forced to resing technique, won't express the real situation,
he could say now "everything is fine" "im ok"
when people are put to the wall, "limited" or "can't with the problem", fear... etc

coerced, "no one is guilty" "he used the freedom"
now where do you go? smile to everyone

true church seriously has to combat BERGOGLIO, and his placed group, enemies of God
false church, a plan