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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Friday, February 17, 2017

the will of God will make me happy

and never will be something "hard"

will be something that will Fill the life, as you really desire from your entrails, to spend your life, without understanding clear before

is that true that could be called as a "nun"?  it "could" be

but God's will is not what i see in others, sometimes you will open that road for others

there are many ways to live a consecrated style and be saint, happy, not "necesarily" as a "nun" if God is calling you

for example, the women closer to padre pio, living in paralel next to the convent, following his steps,
they found their lives, living closer to him, and spending the life all together,

could be single, married then single, widows, from other countries, including english language
and once were there they said:  i wont move from here, i die here

why?  because they found deep, when daddy is not here anymore, or mom... they found what is their deep way, they want to spend the rest of their life, secure in God

also men, for some reason then alone in their 40 or 50... consecrated style

God's will, will make you happy, deep
not what tv, out of tone, show you,

malaise, the same and the same, for years, perdition
sick  repeated

other example

francis, he wasnt a priest, he didnt choose any order, he just want to live the gospel, and his friends began in an area, clare wasnt a nun, she stay while her place was ready... but totally different as a regular "nun", living with others and the same call, following a saint
not the nuns

they started with no orders

and many lives and consecrated serving, in different ways, gema galgani couldnt be in a convent, and it's hard to find a great Saint like her

or teresa neuman in a field, etc

you never know how the world change, if you have to open the road for others, or to rescue the church in other way, that will Fill you deep more than any thing

when you dont have father, mother or brothers etc...and have passed 20 years, How you see your life passing? for each day, to spent the rest of your days?

sad as the world? your life passing... getting old

looking for the last sad thing, they offer, never stopping

or waking up everyday for God, secure and serving him "in a way" specially, to give example, closer to be a saint, or following a saint, because you know that is valuable
not a time for plays anymore, about giving your life (going to an end)  for nonsense

also many women, or men, then abandoned, or etc other reasons, never imagined to find their lives, for the rest of their life, like a "consecrated style" next to them, to that group, and their happiness

and also, many of that group were considered with saint lives also, and officially the process was open by the church, many
titles, recognized

focused women, men in parallel with a saint etc

God will express to your interior, secure, follow that, more than any other voice

even though you have kids etc, you never know how you will spend the rest of your life, you never know how the life changes, and what is God preparing for you, all the context collaborating for you, persevering happy living in simple way until your last day
or with others living the same, or opening a road

because probably in other way you won't be happy, with the world, although you have everything, will be very alone inside

all are called for sanctity

the will of God, not mine, will make me happy and secure for my life, the rest of my days
until its end
and wont be "hard" for me