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If you are using the translator the text "spaces" could be changed, sorry. help to pass these for the salvation. Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Monday, February 6, 2017

Subiendo y avanzando con fuerza ante el mundo

ni estupido "twitter",
spadaro etc, va a detener la salida del sol

REUTERS, euronews, Telegraph,etc,etc to the world, Formal

just to be put "one"
spanish vers

los soldados verdaderos contra BERGOGLIO, seguir en PIE.

pureza en todas las acciones, santidad, lo que da vida,
no la maldita inmoralidad, el mundo y su locura, liberalismo, de los falsos catolicos que van rumbo a la muerte con el tiempo, arrastrando a todos

la Santidad, la verdad sin impurezas que mata a los demas

like a music, "beautiful" melodies with the tones created by God, but mundane put the evil lyrics, to inspire for the sin, dragging people as with a candy to a  kid  (music good with Bad message, image, et the poison covered moving you, steps)  blind
it will be stopped to promote joan of arc, it will be very careful
cause many crazy bisexuals, lesbians, "feminist" use her as their satanic symbol, misrepresented
for them,
not coincidence that the "lady gaga" put joanne to "album", does not known if its "for her"
but hypocrites, mundane have her to support their sin
(or i was born to do this, and use "i was born this way"

here is not supported any "feminism" at all. at the contrary rejected with repugnance, impureness, mundane languages, obscene details as "normal" etc from the devil, a vomit
or maleness, the truth with not any impureness to kill others, damaging with immaturity

Christ or Mary wont give details about sinning, a control to stop with the garbage for others must be active is not the "whatever"

it is a war the pure against the devil, the hell