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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

don't be lukewarm, die in Mortal sin, lutheran

dont be lukewarm being lutheran, die fornicating, no sacraments, go as a fire, in 'your
i like it!

lets make a stamps of the one who helps a lot for condemantion of all!
my monsters are in charge in MY religion, my church

are you catholic? no, it is BERGOGLIO's religion, our god on earth

~he is telling us to suicide and we are doing it

in a vatican radio official page, was put his face as Luther, in front of everyone
sending the Clear message, and passed around lagnguages, people, etc..
in seriously way reported to the media by Katholisches

statue, no transubstantiation, celebrate, the death of Many,.
take this chalice do whatever you want, take this 'communion, go ahead et
muslim? with the koran, go straight that way
im giving you Nmba a god of fertility? italia needs fertility and invoke for me
proselitism? GRAVE SIN. NO, NO, NO.
he was with the one with other gods publicly,
taking the people to condemnation, the group relaxed
Are you going to heaven or hell, answer yourself.
Nmba god, deity for fertility
Image result for baga guinea

they should put this as a stamp, to remember all his people "in communion with him" their home
thinking they serve to god

Image result for luther in hell

good for actresses and actors, their ~sentimental theater, their Comedy to others posing as christian, they love it
give me my make up! oh my 'gosh is it sunday tomorrow??? give me the veil, do i look with piety?? tell me
Is it true that your pope is muslim? or he is protestant? he is good!!! give me my make up!, im not mundane, im not blind!
at what time the ridiculous ends? stomach is needed to speak to those "catholics" defending His religion, ~social reunion, complicity in silence, ~sentimentality is the food
their "priest": i have almost four years and i never hear Nothing. period. we are catholics! yeeh!  thats my priest!

stay away of BERGOGLIO's church, so you dont get sick , flee from them as a plague, dont let them even touch you

Jan 17, 2017
Sacred place? martyrs?
of course ~you will create an excuse to justify 
on purpose, to media

of course, joining "papal" Fleet