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life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa

if humanity doesn't change God will send punishment for the generation and maybe the condemnation of many that don't want to change too. true catholics must give testimony of the truth, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness. the salvation of souls, cleaning of humanity

si la humanidad no cambia Dios enviara castigo para la generacion y tal vez tambien condenacion de muchos que no quieren cambiar. los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad. la salvacion de las almas, limpieza de la humanidad


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

those who decide to climb the Mount, prepare for Purification, pain

[radical people with the truth, to the Mountain]
for their salvation, glorify God

the truth doesnt come alone, has a PRICE
what side do you want to be on? with the diamonds, the beautiful
or the pestilential garbage

dedication and effort

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this space wont give you the false way, just "to make you smile",
the true one although you cry and then understand was the best

when someone decides about taking the life serious, about being pure, What God wants, making changes, organizing the day very careful, for no sins, the day framed... trying to live in truth radically in all aspects, as commanded
cutting "regular" world friends and their dirty language, their goals, their style, which affects you...
looking for the Right things always, in the family, conversations, to be saint etc as the "every day"

will find oppositions, struggle, mortifications

ready to be alone if it has to be like that

you dont fight with a beast like in "delicate position

you also need a "wild" attitude in the step sense, going forward, to face whatever or cut
not playing

"hundreds of friends" on facebook, twitter, et once you start to say thats impure and offends God, life is for holiness, true catholic doctrine,
and the person answer "i don see it like that", You dont need it, you say i warned you in front of God BYE. period. you dont need stupidity around you
affecting the view of the real life
also a dispersed heart, letting pass many mistakes, to tell others clear
not collected heart, reaching the truth, or getting closer

as your duty, you will probably have 10 friends in a week, Do you need them? No.
after that probably your family
after that probably alone

nobody wants Christ (the truth), just be very sure you are in the truth, and God will Support you

God will confirm you, and wont leave you
if you are really at the right side, abandoned in him

when the time passes, many will start to say, i think he was right...

once you get more closer, more difficult, almost abandoned
and cant hold reunions, "normal" life of mundane style conversations
cause demons are behind

people have spirits, and the person with the Holy Spirit
both will crash

they dont want a person looking for holiness,
and you dont want disgust behavior and vanity themes  ~same stupidity

when a person talks is inspired in whatever the spirit gave to the mind, and could be to attack you in many ways

and when you answer with the truth, divisions
because they want to applaud the wrong, although you say it in a nice way, satan will divide at the extreme
sooner or later

so speak clear, and dont go anymore to those ambients, eventhough family, closer...etc let them know the religious life radically God requires, and in the future you will see how they want at least like 5 mins with you

cause the result was that you were the life of the reunion, for some reason now they dont enjoy anymore

cause you know very well, why you dont go to any no sense gathering

also tested with:
Moral sufferings, God will kill your pride with Fire... all around you

until the floor, humiliated

physical sufferings,

you could be sick of nothing... you will be limitated, suffering of "unknown" as many saints
being normal... all a part of PURIFICATION, the "i dont understand why" as common,
but you forgot you decide to follow the truth to save your soul and glorified God
and thats the package

to kill superficial things, circle of people, world goals, vanity... all of before has to be Burned

for the freedom

desperation? with the water until your nose? keep going
if you are sure you are radically living the truth, as God wants

remmeber:  keep going

(purification, illumination, union) the three stages
the first one is mainly the time,
cutting the regular clothes, places, people, cleaning the language, manners, more solitude, Great desire for righteousness is present... beginning of a suffering and mortified
a person could stay a lot, if go slow, or not decided... putting in risk its salvation
because it is God calling you to be a diamond, he wants you with special love
and you know for what is life for

(illumination God light the understanding for supernatural things, concordances, vision, knowledge, etc at the end of this one, a terrible purification as hell, dark night, last and deep remorse of sins of the past, hammering the mind from nowhere ~comes to the mind every now and then (thats why saints compared to the Hell literally) knowing you deeply and clear as repugnant, is part of the Last, --> for the immortality, the union, mystic stage
God will be glorified

the first start, all the rest move as a force covering slow
and passing to the other, years, month, depends of each person
7 years, other 3 years, other 3 month...

whoever loves Christ, prepare for the cross
you want resurrection? passion is first
God knows very well more than you, what really makes you happy, and you will be,
nobody can have more generosity than him
nobody can give you what he is planning for you, a treasure
your deep goals but you dont clearly understand,

the thing is your suffering helps others, cause you are strong, and God knows that, and you can help
you have the mind, you can understand to see others as your kids, that they depends on you
as a mother of many

born of the SPIRIT,
living for what God wants, not "regular world things"
and go through the stages for the holiness, NOT other goal

your life is changing for the right thing, but dirty,
and needs:
misunderstanding for you,
mortification although you dont look for it,
impressions that will burn your heart, fear
or like "problems" to make you understand to die for "mundane things"
tears, or abandoned... all the rest of the people withered want the world, but you dont

you wont be happy
cause you are special, selected as a flower

all that is a process like when a kid is dirty
and cries and feel unhappy, uncomfort, impatient, anxious with the water
and doesnt want a shower
but once is clean he is very happy, jumping

all that is a process purifying DEEP inside, outside, everything
a full wash

depends of the person
and how refuses the truth and put the world first

living radically, dont lose the hope, although suffering, humilliated
obey the right thing radically
cause at the Top of the mountain is God, and will make you rest, and you will smile again
for your mission that you truly were created, now can be done
his will, supernatural

once you know you have no personal belongings, chastity state... all will be reduced, short
(for someone married, with nothing personal, "like" missionaries, in chastity too, the goal

forget about any moral pain, or any situation that you have to go through
Keep going in the truth radically, even with a full Fire,

like a tunnel that will end and will be the light again

like a "run to a place, to other" he wont let you die

[to be continued