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of the past months, help to pass these for the salvation; Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa


if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for this generation, the Death of many, the true catholic must give a permanent testimony of the

truth everywhere, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to Live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los católicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio permanente

de la verdad en todos lados, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,..entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

atención no leer de actualidad rt, rt noticias significa: Russia today o Rusia hoy que es de los comunistas, para desprestigiar a Estados Unidos e Israel, noticias manipuladas de izquierda, a favor de Rusia y sus aliados,son chavistas. Estos hacen y consiguen las entrevistas exclusivas de Putin para Latinoamerica, tratando de lograr sus objetivos. Rusia envenenaría a las naciones, como La Virgen lo advirtió

este espacio esta en contra de un tal "santiago martin" y un tal "alejandro bermudez", defensores de Satanás. No siga sus "opiniones"

World Visitors

lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

*"destroy the true doctrine", what bergoglio wants, communism imposed

his effort to put communist? a "catholic"
and all leftist agenda? the doctrine


in china almost Lost, for communist the patriotic
~he is helping them

the common good, new economic system for all, climate change, homosexuals, pristess, gods, refugee et
communist package, eu one Federal state, no walls, the culpable is usa etc


*comment Muller, pell, benedict's brother, meisner, scola, burke etc etc all of them, out, or turn on the machine

demolish them insisting

it's so "weird" popping "expedients", pop corn?, make a line, one for him, for them, who else? do they have a machine?
cause this is now to the point of a comedy

sometimes i forget it is a circus, but this is extreme, a comedy show?
benedict's brother? give me that, more than 500 victims!!
stain that name now
at least for one must be guilty
MASSIVE attack

and of course weak, from the beginning, reports etc to go sleep

what About benedict??? one for him NOW

but he already has one, remember about to take him out "scandals" "victims"

oh well sorry, who else?? is missing

muller is out already,.  -but anyways! with the 500 victims

so strange good people out, etc

the Bad ones, not catholics, paglia, sorondo, morandi, sosa, martin, cupich, rosica etc etc a new popping named are as "the angels"

Be careful cause it is evident ~using the media to destroy names showing them as bad. "stories" "this can be used!?   media please come!"

they are satanics, not playing.

domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

*"Woman celebrated catholic marriage" Sacrament, Authorized by the vatican under the False pope

like planned, she received the Authorization on this last May 23,

she celebrated the sacrament this saturday

sister Pierrette has been performing baptisms in the diocese of Rouyn-Noranda. After a request she received on May 23 permission from the Congregation for Divine Worship to preside at marriages.

Image result for Pierrette Thiffault

they have a party of surprises, After people falling to Hell ~Already

Image result for sister Pierrette Thiffault                                 

same as the calls, situations, gays etc programmed   "oh" "really"

adapting the minds to destroy Christ church, priesthood, what is commanded, written, Rupture, Apostasy

look at this,

"When I got the answer, I felt a responsibility and a great dignity."

sounds almost identically bergoglio's words

the excuse "oh,  lack of priest" you know

"It is a great service to the Church, but to me too. It is an opening for women in our milieu, but also in the diocese, "says Sister Thiffault.

"catholic sacrament" as a pristesss

of course the excuse
about the priest, bishop, deacon
not for her

(to be authorized by "decree", their religion)

~there may be exceptions... "explains Vicar General Rouyn-Noranda Diocese, Gilles Chauvain.
Already received by the vatican, bergoglio's program
not from Christ

*hazme reir mundial o el ridiculo? cual de los dos?

cucarachas no era de sus frases en twitter? "amargadita" "fumon"... etc tal vez se referia a algo asi de luchadores?

Image result for luchador de sumo

"aplastar, reirte, burlate dia y noche...
del sufrimiento, sangre de otros" como cucarachas

para ser ~hazme reir Mundial

cada dia que pasa das ~Mas risa

*FIRE, to Media, Muller ""Jesus DID NOT entrust the secular government of the world to the apostles"

"""" Francis """" """"Francisco"""""  what a HEADACHE.

bergoglio in his end

*remarkable phrases, objectively, to let the people know

Image result for muller benedicto

interview, interview, now Il Foglio


"Jesus did not entrust the secular government of the world to the apostles

About the refusal of Pope Francis to dialogue with the Dubia cardinals Müller says, "I do not understand why there is no dialogue with calm and serenity."

"We bishops have the right, I would say, the divine right to discuss openly."

about the passion of the enviroment, "as a faith"

"We have many lay-people who are competend in this field",

about the one in charge for Amoris laetitia (schonborn) opposing the one in charge for the faith (muller)

Amoris Laetita contradicts the position taken by Müller, he replies, "It may be that Cardinal Schönborn has an opposite view of mine, but his view may also oppose the one he had before he changed his mind."

not playing.
all evident, clear, to media

the group of monster for the perdition, with the satanic bergoglio
while entertaining with "happy message", oh he mention Christ! as sosa, kasper, cupich

viernes, 21 de julio de 2017

*"clear from a cardinal to Media"

Related image

Image result for cardinal Zen

to Media

July 17
I’m very sorry to say the government has not changed, but the Holy See is adopting a wrong strategy. They are too eager to dialogue, dialogue so they tell everybody not to make noise, to accommodate, to compromise, to obey the government. Now things are going down, down.”

According to cardinal Zen, Francis' agreement with China will be a “fake” adding, “How can the initiative of choosing bishops be given to an atheistic government? Incredible, incredible.”

he also let the people know, establishing the difference with the last two true popes, Understood.

*remarkable for his words

same with venezuela dialogue, dialogue, death, agonizing, "being smart", communist dictatorship? they are the good ones, go ahead, he helps you, the devil etc
people crying not knowing what to do, ~wrong, concerned about violence!


*Heretics, not catholic, kasper, bergoglio, cupich etc for the perdition

putting base, psychological, as normal
and of course "oh a trip"
pictures objectively

"namaste" mixing  "divinity in you"

pachamama? gaia? Mother earth, etc? circle

the group

el Ridiculo #1 Mundial, digaselo a todos

son basicamente dos, para la verguenza mundial

cual de los dos piensa usted que sera?

jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

*More FIRE, clear to the Media, Benedict DISAPPOINTED by his dismissal


Image result for pope benedict angry

the other details don't matter too much, the dictatorship, ""all is perfect here""

“You can usually expect that it will last until the age of 75.  But now it has been decreed differently.”

July 19

The retired Pope Benedict agrees with him on this: He too is disappointed that his contract [to serve as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith] was not renewed, according to Muller.

very clear, muller puts benedict on his side
and for both ~using the media

that is very delicate to tell to the world

opposing to "bergoglio action"

so people know clear

the Lord wins in the end, ... the Lord ...of capsizing etc dubia cardinal, now on Muller's side

FUEL, sides

don't be surpised if now they make a quick video, with benedict smiling, maybe eating an ice cream with hands together, and name it "happy world"

here, everything!!

*cual es la primera reaccion cuando lee las palabras ""el papa francisco"" ""el papa"" o ""bergoglio""? en cualquier lugar

es la realidad y creo que a muchisma gente le pasa lo mismo, repetido, es duro, sea lo que sea el resto, o contenido de la informacion

cuanto mas cuando es un sacerdote "con una cara feliz" forzada, deprimente, queriendo repetir "el papa el papa" como si ~nadie supiera nada, que Ridiculez, la principal caracteristica de los de bergoglio es que son un "hazme reir", grandes Ridiculos hasta mas no poder.  por que? pareceria como un mismo tipo de gente

otra vez "ese" nombre, mentiras, vomito, pestilencia, engano, el asco una y otra vez etc
""bergoglio"", ""el papa francisco""

por favor da nausea

Related image

Image result for vomitar

Image result for vomitar

Related image

Image result for black woman headache

Image result for vomitar

Image result for vomitar

Image result for nausea

Related image

Image result for nausea

Related image

Related image

Image result for migraine

que duro, que fuerte, ver esa cara, leer, pestilencia, muerte etc su presencia
matar a los demas
y otra vez, y otra vez
que asco, debe tragar, debe tragar, comunismo

*in the face, Global communism, they promise no more hungriness!

LIES to deceive, populism
for "the workers"

you will always have the hungry, poor, the misery, etc

openly, they don't care

"The teaching of the Pope is parallel with, of the United Nations"

vatican with "bergoglio", like a leftist extension office, popular movements, of south america, taken by the communists, planned

change the economy structures



miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

*did you say jesuit? bergoglio's group, faith etc

his false pope, ask for vibes openly, "thinking"

is she going "to bless" the people soon?

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth

or allah?
"what god"?

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth julio 2017

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth julio 2017