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of the past months, help to pass these for the salvation; Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

Life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la Vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa


if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for this generation, the Death of many, the true catholic must give a permanent testimony of the

truth everywhere, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to Live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los católicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio permanente

de la verdad en todos lados, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,..entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

(atención no leer de actualidad.rt, rt noticias significa: Russia today o Rusia hoy que es de los comunistas, para desprestigiar a Estados Unidos e Israel, son noticias manipuladas todas de izquierda, siempre a favor de Rusia y sus aliados, nunca vera nada a favor de la Verdad,son chavistas. Solo estos hacen y consiguen las entrevistas exclusivas de Putin para Latinoamerica,tratando de lograr sus objetivos. Rusia envenenaría a las naciones, como La Virgen lo advirtió)

World Visitors

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

"his" doctrine and accomplices, "be happy" in "your" church playing as gods... your time will end

all in life have a time given. play with fire
and take God as a human like you... and a Lion could come in seconds,
at the moment ~never imagined

and no more laugh in an instant, became tears

BERGOGLIO and his church, road to condemnation

seconds are passing...
poor the one counted included with the group

take this video as a warning... ~shaking in the "general audience"

killing the truth, Christ, earthquake... etc, death can surprise many, with no more opportunity
everywhere in different ways

spiritual fulfillment... and how God decides its physical expression

satan is in the seat, BERGOGLIO His religion, covered, stealing the name "catholic"
with cupich, kasper, marx, etc


continue your game with Fire, and when you never expect you will find yourself in the hell, in seconds, over forever

enfocarse en la santidad, vida mundana para sufrimiento y desaparecer

el que siga haciendo lo incorrecto, el mal, sera llevado a castigo eterno,
la vida no era para eso




of course, just wait... ISLAM
all people who follow a killer, thief, rapist, terrorist etc mohammed
what else to expect? radical or not, what is going to be when he/she decides to follow him deep

same story repeated, and people dying
here is the freedom!! this is not a totalitarian!! All need rights!!
many "catholics" throwing up those things publicly, defending the evil, as devil's advocate
you have not right to contaminate kids, other etc
lie doesn't have any right,

only the truth is the freedom.

while you want to understand that, enjoy the blood, one day the victim could be your mother, father, etc
NO ISLAM. FROM MY SIDE i say not satan's right

don't be lukewarm, die in Mortal sin, lutheran

dont be lukewarm being lutheran, die fornicating, no sacraments, go as a fire, in 'your
i like it!

lets make a stamps of the one who helps a lot for condemantion of all!
my monsters are in charge in MY religion, my church

are you catholic? no, it is BERGOGLIO's religion, our god on earth

~he is telling us to suicide and we are doing it

in a vatican radio official page, was put his face as Luther, in front of everyone
sending the Clear message, and passed around lagnguages, people, etc..
in seriously way reported to the media by Katholisches

statue, no transubstantiation, celebrate, the death of Many,.
take this chalice do whatever you want, take this 'communion, go ahead et
muslim? with the koran, go straight that way
im giving you Nmba a god of fertility? italia needs fertility and invoke for me
proselitism? GRAVE SIN. NO, NO, NO.
he was with the one with other gods publicly,
taking the people to condemnation, the group relaxed
Are you going to heaven or hell, answer yourself.
Nmba god, deity for fertility
Image result for baga guinea

they should put this as a stamp, to remember all his people "in communion with him" their home
thinking they serve to god

Image result for luther in hell

good for actresses and actors, their ~sentimental theater, their Comedy to others posing as christian, they love it
give me my make up! oh my 'gosh is it sunday tomorrow??? give me the veil, do i look with piety?? tell me
Is it true that your pope is muslim? or he is protestant? he is good!!! give me my make up!, im not mundane, im not blind!
at what time the ridiculous ends? stomach is needed to speak to those "catholics" defending His religion, ~social reunion, complicity in silence, ~sentimentality is the food
their "priest": i have almost four years and i never hear Nothing. period. we are catholics! yeeh!  thats my priest!

stay away of BERGOGLIO's church, so you dont get sick , flee from them as a plague, dont let them even touch you


Jan 17, 2017
Sacred place? martyrs?
of course ~you will create an excuse to justify 
on purpose, to media

of course, joining "papal" Fleet


martes, 17 de enero de 2017

20 de enero

San Sebastian

nacido en Francia
patron de garabandal

vinculado al futuro del mundo

repeated again: priests, nuns, preachers...

living as "functionaries" busy,
are on the road to Perdition.

faith is more than that, holiness way,. etc is not the same daily office job.
very wrong, dont listen to any stupid.

the "catholics" with them, hypocrites, repugnant, diabolical

God can't be deceived, he is clear, each one will receive
and some of them who likes, enjoy, to ~attack this space, will remember my name.
some of them: crying.

time will put people in their place.

spiritual being, life inside, like something repeating "va a extrañar", of God

[spiritual writing, "not to be understood" by everyone]

when the day is about to end,
and the inside claims... you will Miss, as a caress,
not material, but a true love
that you cant stop rejecting,
to make you dream,
and you will suffer for, could ever imagine a thing like that
not desiring other thing, than running for a space apart, or waiting the end of the day, to
not any place or people, to have it
that the can't be live a life like that, but cant leave it, enjoying every second
the most beautiful feeling, from saints,
and feeling no life without that,
to feel it deep, so not die, dried
waiting for the next days, like throwing kisses to the air
could be come from God? takes you to holiness? chastity? completed?
it is from God, the real beauty
to die of love, taking your life as Missing caress, killing inside
and Fulfilling everything, how can this be possible?
Late when the world is sleeping,
can i be up for a little?
if it is possible for other, feeling the same, flames
about how much love can be hold it
Christ, Mary, the highest images could ever been, gives the peace for that same road, the security
about that, chosing the best, absolute truth
enjoying the love in chastity, inside, superior
like something repeating: when flesh ends, You still will Miss me
cause there's no material expression of Missing like that
to be with,
if someone look into my eyes could see it?
cause it is so closer and at the same time so far
inspiring for Pure, asking how much to love?
and, go back with the enthusiasm,
stronger, better, to God.
wave that encourages, gives confidence, security
saint happy companion to be with, special, to the end

discovering more and more,
that when the world says together is "black"
probably the true life is in white

lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

******SATANIC. the devil in the chair



*satanas en la silla*




the church is at the desert (in prayer and sacrifice, rosary,et). was said clear and repeated constantly.

THEY HAVE THEIR BUSINESS, NOT THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, FALSE POPE. and all of them in complicity with him, diabolical

all men have to Face them *not Scared, Tell every people of this world, Media, quickly and clear etc
so they can't take the lambs, only wolves
Separation of the wheat and the tares, don't look for quantity, follow the truth
God knows the hearts, people no one couldn't imagine" will chose the perdition decidedly
priests, nuns, preacher... living the faith as a theater, "appareance designed" as the every day, empty
you, prepared and having told them seriously, don't have nothing to do with them
to persevere with no stain
in communion with ~that group, going to condemnation.

would you like to hear? no

although "world" 'mundane, ends, etc
i don't want to see a muslim communist dictating
monsters era ending
the rights of evil, the wrong

Image result for obama sharia

Image result for obama muslim

sharia law for everyone, arabs go the world
all just have been "misunderstood"
the evil Needs rights
one less

now all forces concentrated against Bergoglio
Satan on the seat

etc, german elections are also coming, etc
all garbage will be destructed, suffering... new beginning


red is the favorite color of the devil,
it is painted -represented (for senses) like that, the Red Dragon, from bible
(official color of all devil's empires, unification, since egyptian, babylonian, red roman empire, communism...etc, etc)
goats to the Left (in red, the negative)
lambs to the right

Are you guilty?

the nonsense of A person who was born ~and defending the abortion,
and maybe even left home showing 'independent' rights,
'life', of their parents

salvation is personal, as a road chosen for every individual person

Abel and cain were blood brothers,  a saint and a devil

was adam, eve KILLERS? guilties?
a rapist, alcoholic..etc,  ?

abel was saint... individual

domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

el Enfrentamiento, el testimonio, sea cual sea el contexto

in english / or spanish way, the same

all writings are focused in the substance
people could notice that quickly
not in "presentation" for a public, "a perfection", stylish
all the sense is based the simple as possible, looking the lower and be evident
and step forward for the honesty, main thing
so all fake can be filtered with superficiality
Not interested in 'how to look to "establishment frame"
maybe 1% is destined to presentation, language excellency
and that is in both languages, spanish, english, people know
words in a middle of a sentence, to understand a wide meaning
not necessary well constructed
inspiration senses, can't be modify
gold can come, from an unprepared person, the poor of the corner, and is gold also
with a true smell
so, tired of fake frame, although with [Not interested] my "degree", here is valued, the substance
as an own seal to give

of course i do prefer spanish, english is my second, but the style is the same
in my language
sometimes numbers, plural, adjective... in changed position
to express more, in short and significance



todo los escritos estan hechos en base a comunicar la sustancia,
y la gente lo sabe, sin dar prioridad a "presentable" a un "nivel alto"
o excelencia ortografica, el lenguaje, los numeros, adjetivos delante o en otra posicion, etc
aqui se da paso a lo que vale, aunque lo diga el pobrecito de la esquina, es oro?,
sigue siendo oro, con buen olor
y asi tambien se filtran mas los falsos, ya que ese publico "y su establishment" como se ha dicho No interesa.
por eso se le da paso aunque no este construida "como seria la mejor forma"
como sello propio de buscar lo minimo requerido y se note,
se trata de dar palabras, que amplian, aunque tal vez no se ajusten
y poder decirse mucho sin hacerse largo

why not agree with burke, muller, caffarra, schneider...etc?

Cardinal Gerhard Müller (CNS)

in few words

because faith is not your game, SOULS falling, second by second.
the most serious and sacred

we are not talking about a "week"

why you say ~"is not magisterium" to the Whole world? WHEN YOU KNOW IT IS.
why you say with your mouth, a "minor", why you say it is "opinion" WHEN IS NOT. to the whole world, do you know what are you putting on your back?

why you say as a parrot ~"clarify" WHEN ITS ALREADY CLEAR, SIGNED. endorsed publicly. and also say ~that you know it

why you said about "Stick to the pope" schneider? to the whole world IF IS AN ENEMY OF GOD, OR ARE YOU DEAF? what kind of "traditionalist"
stick to your killer

why do you say in "fraternal" when he spit on Christ AND DONT MIND ABOUT CONDEMNATION OF NOBODY... Christ should has given "flowers" when found the abominations in the temple?
or you give a kiss to a thief with a gun?

Etc,Etc. Don't be an accomplice of people supporting a satanic, or  "catholic" media supporting "relax death of everyone" trying to relax the condemnation, helping them, not big deal, to be swallowed slow, in communion with a criminal to be denounced literal by his name in front of the world with all the force and not as a relax play.  "silence and die" "kill and i am the stupid, i wait"

this situation is not for hollow words repeated, over and over in silly interviews, that you dont have to read it to know the answer, losing your time... no time for that. trying to paint other thing.
let me see for the new interview? "minor" no danger, fraternal ~i dont like dubia TO THE WHOLE WORLD

you will have to pay me to read an interview of you

if all of them got crazy, don't follow them.
follow 2,000 years, true church, saints. denounce them clear. and all supporters in connection helping in the game


tired of the silly play.  ~i have other interview    nausea
the ditty song  buy 'the interview collection' Hits, featuring always dubia man

don't put your time to be part of a stupid play

sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

comprehension of the nature, the heart retained with no understanding

the closest to God,
no flesh, no possessions goals (a simple, poor person)...

cause you come already FULL of life. and the rest you "want to" do, eliminates

to join the beautiful, Christ, Mary, a "loneliness" or "called" pain" --> FULL of life
as saints

the opposite is "with flesh company"  --> being truly  in solitude

to be the change you want to see in the world, what is the path desired for a kid?
which one is? to be a saint?  to choose it, the effort

deep understanding
with the one who gave the life

Christ gave everything, Mary gave everything... simple woman, no flesh, poor

follow the intelligent the teachers, as other human momentary temptations

one opportunity to be saint is given, not two
to think about that 'not as a play
as precious gift, not 'what other do

be careful about what choosing,

it was put it all effort in the life given,
can be said was tried "my best" i knew

extra ordinary for extra ordinary results
all has a price of blood
nothing brings nothing, selfishness spends life for nothing, just one more of the package wide entrance
not narrow

about garabandal

to be there, at that sacred place, the supernatural

english https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoXsD7CBCug
italian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubUQ_Qv0his&t=145s
portuguese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q72IoCJZLRA

ya publicado en espanol

carmelite devotion
deep song to Our lady of mount carmel of garabandal

viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

In Practice, new religion, not from Christ God, go tell your chief who Authorized, laughing with cupich, de kesel etc

sending people to hell Normal, their doctrine

False pope, sect

countdown, 7 seven days
to see the communist Out (obama)
although what is coming for the world,
since the next friday is a beginning of happiness
for long period, holiness
dismount bergoglio

i start to celebrate,
happy and SAINT day everyone

Vomit, this is spiritual, all his followers are on the road to condemnation, it has been repeated -very clear

spiritual world and physical moving
~in accordance

in communion with BERGOGLIO it is Condemnatiom
in this space has been repeated very clear in front of God

disgust, never will be a "country" Enemies of God.
halal food will be the spiritual food for false catholics and accomplices in Union

recognizing with an embassy is Really evil. (1st time in history, to Terrorists) and with leader of terrorists mahmoud abbas
a Punishment can come.  and for all false pope followers
the true church is at the desert (pray and sacrifice), not visible

"visible" are the serpents with their head serpent

While the rest continue to push the communist agenda, EuropArabia


a manger? that was for refugees matters, islam, the meaning, Nothing else, what else were you expecting? "if he said Over?" OVER and period

a monster is kind of little to say

 “Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree were removed from St Peter's Square today First time since 70s Vatican Crib has not stayed until Candlemas”

“Vatican nativity scene and Christmas tree dismantled today, reason not yet given. Normally crib is up until Feast of Presentation, Feb. 2”

we cant lose time
"probably" they need space for other

to all monsters please help me to destroy this, call them all
we are running late

don' t you see? All the stupid catholics are scared of me, i said silence and die.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

*women defending the truth, clear through CNN... about BERGOGLIO, communist, populist, dangerous person, Lier

it could be me probably, but how beautiful is to watch or read a woman defending the right thing.



from the communist nightmare, to combat, the main is 'BERGOGLIO, with effort, for holiness era, the "world", mundane things, all garbage will be destructed

Image result for rosary




muller dances with everyone

de la Hilary white, a wild cat, (Not agree about burke, lying to the people, painting Etc)
i like it better when she speaks CLEAR. for example: bergoglian sect.

the communist Dictator imposing his tyranny

great deep thing like this, as citizen, "open a possibility" to make me "think" about living in us again, at least not in a city, but not too sure about that
the most Horrible: Obama nightmare
Israel the land of the Savior - God. Mary, prophets

para la porqueria de "religion confidencial"

y de la que se hacen eco los papólatras bergoglianos de la tal secretummeummihi repugnante, adorandole y glorificandole cada vez que pueden, extasiados

"se puso el anillo!" necesito aire, me da un infarto! que hermoso! el es Bueno,
~confien gente
el ve-ne-no cada vez que pueden, como si nadie supiera de la falsedad, matizada
jugando a los dos bandos, con dios y con el diablo

que lindo y rapido lo reducen todo para que un ingenuo lo trague rapido

no se va a gastar mucho tiempo en basura

fue respondido por su papa, AUTORIZANDO LA COMUNION EN PECADO MORTAL, firmado, vaticano, hecho publico, Y PUBLICADO A LOS MEDIOS -VERIFICABLE-  Y PUNTO.
por esto incluye NO HAY OTRAS INTERPRETACIONES. para que no se le ocurra venir a nadie -hecha publica. por ellos mismos -Vaticano.

el disparate de que a un polaco le dijo otra cosa "de boca", manana viene otra pagina y dice que a un japones le dijo otra... que bonito


L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO, RADIO VATICANO... etc al ver la confusion, tambien se ha incluido la palabra el papa: INSISTE
no hay otras interpretaciones.
para los que tenga problemas de oidos. y querer seguir preguntando

se le pregunta a schonborn el AUTORIZADO, CARDENAL, porque muchos se resisten a creer, y lo confirma a los medios claro, para los burkes, y demas... es obvio que es ACTO DE MAGISTERIO, como maestro de fe, etc... la Pastoral para ser puesta en Practica, y ya esta en practica, almas cayendo al infierno, no cuentan?,..

publicando BASURA sin freno con sus otros falsos, Dios lo ve todo.

Anyone who dares to compare real popes, to 'BERGOGLIO is just simply a madman in other planet

it has been repeated
One thing is deterioration, Magisterium continuity

and other is Rupture, apostasy installed - new religion
"Inaugurating it" directing everyone to Kasper (1st angelus, 4 days)
Followed by the last supper with ISLAM in a Prison, Etc, Etc, etc.

Comparing real popes although their deterioration,
to a satanic, it is clear to dont waste time with falses, sick of lies to theirself, with no color, a pallid substance, once you warned clear.
making sick the rest of the people with their fake presence, as a cancer, disgusting
to self destruction without understanding
it is a serious situation, only the truth contains life
in all senses --> to be ingested, the health, security, the life...

-radical, not the drunk walking in the air, numbing, faking to ending in sickness

even a secular media, with no faith or atheist can ~notice "from far", warns...
False pope, programmed, to Demolish. picture re-published
his own religion, a sect
in communion with him, complicity, condemnation



miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

**Do not be deceived by anyone, of course an apostolic exhortation is magisterium with the pastoral to be put it in Practice, executed

burke could say the heaven is pink, or whatever he wants to think,

the reality is other

Apostolic exhortation is magisterium, and the Pastoral to put in Practice.

Already, the interpretation signed --> BY HIM.

to the media, the pope INSISTS There are no other interpretations.

what is no clear for you?

stop saying the lie is not magisterium

Some have spoken of “The Joy of Love” as a minor document, a personal opinion of the pope, without full magisterial value. What value does this exhortation possess? Is it an act of the magisterium? This seems obvious, but it is good to specify it now, in order to prevent some voices from creating confusion among the faithful when they assert that this is not the case.…

schonborn, the one AUTHORIZED, respond
It is obvious that this is an act of the magisterium: it is an apostolic exhortation. It is clear that the pope is exercising here his role as pastor, as master and teacher of the faith, after benefiting from the consultation of the two synods.

investigacion y poderio, "pruebas" a una orden soberana

se le deja claro en los medios la No interferencia interna. de su "poder"
la No colaboracion.


"Jesus tenia autoridad porque era humilde"

esta demas comentar la BASURA, que se atreve a decir sin descanso, haciendolo a proposito, para la condenacion y todavia hay algun tonto que lo defienda...

otra vez menciona a los "hipocritas", todo el que no siga la condenacion kasper, BERGOGLIO, cupich..etc es un "hipocrita"

todo el que aparenta ser de dios
sin andar con la verdad
--> esos son los hipocritas, fariseos
el grupo de sus delincuentes, su negocio

fariseos, hipocritas... los de LA MUERTE de Cristo, sacar la verdad
"quedarse con el templo" de hombres, triturarla

recuerde, con los buenos de siempre
o ~con los falsos de siempre

grave situation, dont follow "crowd", follow what is the truth

not to start, ~as Judas did it
is about to ending right, a clear word was used ahead specifically:   Persevere

on what was taught, written, the way.

is that true that only a few will be saved?

narrow door, not wide

dont let anybody to take your crown

martes, 10 de enero de 2017

"burke and One Thousand aclarations", interview

it looks like says red...
ask him,
is it red? yes
but wait a minute, he said that too fast
is it red, tell me CLEAR? red, No other interpretation.
no, no, not magisterium
answer the dubia, red.
that was just simple questions, "not magisterium either"...

swallow reality

all is clear, what part can't be understood?

SIGNED by him. vatican made it public, so everyone Understand.


to put it in practice, and ALREADY in practice.

recent interview (remnant)

MJM: Now, in a private letter of September 5th to the bishops of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis wrote: “There are no other interpretations of Amoris Laetitia,” other than one admitting divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion in some cases. He is so adamant about this, Your Eminence. So, is it even possible for you to envision a scenario whereby you suddenly discover that you've missed something, that the Four Cardinals are misinterpreting it, and that you'd have to concede you were wrong? I mean if that’s not possible, then what is the point of the dubia? Don’t you already know the answers to your five questions?

Cardinal Burke: Certainly we do. But the important thing is that the pastor of the universal Church, in his office as guardian of the truths of the Faith and promoter of the truths of the faith—that he make clear that, yes, he answers these questions in the same way that the Church answers them. And so what he wrote in that letter simply means that this is his personal understanding of the matter. But that letter hardly could be considered an exercise of the papal magisterium. And so, it's a painful situation in which to be involved but we simply have to press forward to clarify the matter. (How many times?)

that must be a joke, don't you want to know his personal understanding to apply too?

or a dubia is a "papal" document?

a word was also included by radiovaticana, the pope INSISTS There are no other interpretations,

if he answer it you will say, ~they are just simple question about what he thinks" also

was changed about receiving communion in mortal sin with authority in the document? YES. PERIOD.

Apostolic exhortation is magisterium, and the Pastoral to put in Practice.

Already, the interpretation signed --> BY HIM.

Rupture, Apostasy. Trampling on Christ and taking all the accomplices to condemnation.
a sect, not catholic.

Full ecclesial communion the "working together", ~the charity, Forget about the Truth

the only way to be saved? catholic doctrine? sacraments?... no, no, no
forget about that... you are a protestant living in Mortal sin as normal... it doesn't matter

full ecclesial communion ~charity, to serve the man

we are here to put in the center "the man", working for him together
not to look up obeying, look down, self-sufficient... to eliminate the poverty, hunger...etc

just make sure you deposit in scholas account, we will end all of that soon"

thats the communion, the faith, an ong foundation

grave sin trying to convert...

of course Luther is a testimony of faith... in the devil
what they want for the condemnation of all

just in case an idiot comes and say about "a christian" living in the lie

to all arabics (false catholics) with his chief in communion asking allahu atbar prayers
Holy Trinity?

installed in front of a camera, Repeated
is that your faith? following it, in communion with him, going to condemnation

the Sacred, play with fire, the word of God, and you will be burned. thinking you are serving to God
as the temple killed Christ (the truth) and continues to 'serving to God

God sent you to be a Testimony, not an accomplice of a FALSE, a Wolf.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

*the prostitute muller "There's no danger to the faith" ~he doesn't like the dubia

a correction not possible, there's no danger to the faith

what faith?? does he has faith? a person who denies many points publicly from the past, a heretic with some late clean "appearance"

the church is wonderful as never, nothing

Who is Muller?

Müller Denies the Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady

Müller Denies Transubstantiation

Müller supports Liberation Theology, also with a public book "on the side of the poors" with gustavo gutierrez, together

a Red man, with the fist closed... what else do you want?
of course by the side of francis, communist
he gave the document and in practice already, souls to hell, while he wants to calm down everyone to take them to perdition in silence

              Image result for on the side of the poors muller                      Image result for del lado de los pobres muller

Müller heresys and protestants for union


just a quick show, already known by many


insolito lo del demonio,


"La fe no es recitar el Credo los domingos en misa", sobre el "confiar" en Dios

resumido para abolir el cumplimiento correspondiente requerido, esforzado, para dar paso a un confiar en "siempre salvo"

"Faith is not reciting the 'Creed' on Sunday when we go to Mass", ...about "entrusting ourselves" to God

to abolish the requirements, fulfilling, the effort... to step forward with the trust "as always saved"

hablar? No, no, no


ISLAM obispos? autoridad? tienen un iman de "papa", islamico

domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

The true ones must be determined to bring the dirty serpent down from the chair, your responsabilty in front of God

don't look what others do, "to see what to do", Do the right thing.

all being mixed with the False mercy, False "prolife", "peace and love", sentimentalism, "nostalgia", populism, is the camera ready? grandmas and children, "look he is with the old lady and the sad kid", aw he so humble
manipulation of the mass, in communist dictators (marxism) "always with the people", the hood, common left
the door is not the truth anymore, it is the "emotions"... whatever you feel
not new, now the trend "discrimination" "biological" a new false "prolife" version growing

the crazy nostalgia group with no scriptures, no God, kasper, BERGOGLIO...etc vs. the "rigidity" (2000 years) truth, saints
they went to adore him because of "nostalgia"
the rest rigids


Ewtn, continue, live, To Millions of people as The Other media, the grave situation clear to everyone

and the satanic style and "their rights"? the lie doesn't have rights, only the truth,
not a "dictatorship" but from your side can not be supported the freedom of wrong. people as devil's advocate looking for "the rights of all", sinning
if you want to jump from the bridge, police has to arrest you. the evil doesnt have rights,
to cause damage to yourself or others... many people support "freedom", when ONLY the truth is the freedom
not any support, not even a 0.01 for the liberal or other stupid road to death

vomiting islam

sábado, 7 de enero de 2017

cualquiera que se atreva a comparar a papas verdaderos con BERGOGLIO sencillamente es un loco

sin abundar mucho, porque ya se ha repetido
una cosa es deterioro, Magisterio continuidad

que Apostasia instalada, ruptura - nueva religion
"inaugurandola" dirigiendo a todos a Kasper
seguido de la ultima cena con ISLAM en una prision, etc,etc,etc

comparar papas verdaderos con un satánico, sencillamente no sabe lo que habla.

la "misericordina" y Sácalos sin averiguar

una cara misericordia para ~la tarde alegre y la otra sacalos tirano

"iconos de misericordia" UN DICTADOR

que los reyes magos fueron a adorar por "nostalgia", sentimentalismo... y los demas como eran rigidos no

invitando a todos a que se olviden de la verdad es el sentimentalismo la puerta, El Engaño

asi como a las que tienen un hijo muriente como Jesus, el silencio... para dar esperanza, si no comparte la misma desesperacion", como la confesion, sin hablar...
todo lo que no le de vida al otro ni a usted, la condenacion vomitada sin perder tiempo
el "no hable" no predique, etc  No, no, no

the group combined, combinados

creciendo, expandiendose, la locura, el mal... hecho cardenal por BERGOGLIO
All combined, the "No moral code"

Image result for antonio spadaro

contra los Falsos, "boca" de BERGOGLIO

but why complaining about just mcdonalds in the vatican area?
when the circus is installed since 2013, all kind of ridiculous, renting, ecological faith, recycling etc

[they brought it to vatican, inserted, but in the reality could be worst than that]



re-married; more than once

sears, macy's, kmart... closing a generation, the world will change as never thought

All who reject a life to God, for the right thing, to be holy... will perish
there is a time given to a generation
to change, once the time is finished, the cleaning

many will die, but in the middle of a suffering for a group, a powerful "right" society will be strong for A Long period, years... that will be just the beginning of an era

cleaning of the humanity, the end of the mundane, the people from evil, "world", seen it as horrible and disgust (nightmare memory)
separation for starting a new, as the good saints era, remembered from the past





FORTALECIENDOSE gracias a BERGOGLIO, la gente muriendose ya casi sin fuerzas, mire a quien coloca como "vicepresidente (sirio libanez)

epiphany, about QUEENS come to adore

popes wash the feet of priests, as the chosen to go to the world

APOSTASY, his followers to condemnation
1st time in history, washing the feet of "women chosen", PRISONERS, in JAIL, handicap (spiritual -can't walk or go to the world, or can't be priests in jail, nullifying-spiritually, he knows more than many people in the moon
then TRANSSEXUALITY, RELIGIONS, atheist, hinduism, ISLAM... authorized, ~the people... what is next? leg of a dog?

this sounds more like transgender

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