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for any specific translation, feel free to send an email. If you are using the translator, the text "spaces" could be changed, sorry. check the important information

of the past months, help to pass these for the salvation; Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa


if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for the generation, the Death of many, true catholics must give testimony of the truth, and in prayer

and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los catolicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad,

y en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

atención no leer de actualidad rt, rt noticias significa: Russia today o Rusia hoy que es de los comunistas, para desprestigiar a Estados Unidos e Israel, noticias manipuladas de izquierda, a favor de Rusia y sus aliados,son chavistas. Estos hacen, consiguen entrevistas de Putin para latinoamerica, tratando de lograr sus objetivos. Rusia envenenaría a las naciones, como La Virgen lo advirtió

este espacio esta en contra de un tal "santiago martin" o un tal "alejandro bermudez", defensores de "bergoglio", Satanás. No siga sus "opiniones"

World Visitors

jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

*"in our ambient" full of life!

hello? no sickness or crazy
respecting God and very happy! enjoying

im gonna tell you who is unpopular and very ugly
the one who doesn't respect God's command - what is written history demonstrated

step on the right side that never passes

you are a "new style" crazy imposing
for me you are absolutely ugly and ridicule

look how ugly an obstinated disgust  "gay" imposing

sorry but when a person impose himself against God in the media with the sin the pestilence perceived is just: horrible
to vomit
that's the situation   a hard to see

about madonna, ricky martin etc who wants a pestilence
and is not because 'old
it is the pestilence of not being with the right things   horrible

called beautiful people are according with actions, getting old? they still look just nice because of the smell of correctness   over any physical over the clothes
spiritual world

in our ambient! full of life

*"in our ambient full of life" beautiful... while the "smart" elder thinks he is going somewhere!

try... out of tone
we want you to see you re fallen...
bergoglio "just in case" you don't know:  you lost
~im really laughing at you

Related image

i hope you discover that soon
~lets see when you decide to swallow it


Related image

No more sick ambients -people of death
stupid the crazy  homosexuals adultery etc disgust not fashion  ugly
people your ambient with the right things
rules    preciousness  life 

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

*"no more pestilence" until see nothing. Almost celebrating

server of the devil

maybe ill get a pop corn to see you falling ~forever

people put attention!    bergoglio seems to be with no power anymore

Almost celebrating!

Image result for confetti

laughing at the "smart" elder
Related image

whatever he does 
people ~already know about the lie
the deceive

please:  so tired of you

 you shall NOT lie
NOT commit adultery

"we can not teach" precepts like that

We can not teach just precepts like
"You can't do this, you have to do this..."

craziness  forget about God

octuber 10

God teaches about you shall NOT...  rules
get rid of what is written... commanded
the way God uses, clear?

~ you are just losing until disappear

Image result for zzz sign

*"let's continue enjoying beautiful things"

for some reason im almost celebrating
"bergoglio" Are you dead?
laughing at you

some beautiful melodies (not supported impure images, no bullfight et)
from two countries i love: Spain, mexico

people wanting many -there you have many


(NOT supported impure images, be careful)

martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

*"a new Era with publications"

will be published only for the main things
when is considered necessary

not for the same things already left clear

[tired of islam] persisting
[tired of the communism] persisting
when eveyone should be enough on alert

about the FALSE pope for a false church 
keep it present in your mind
don't go to perdition

domingo, 8 de octubre de 2017

*"be careful of -manipulation"

a reminder

when you read news, remember that sometimes there is a person trying to spin.
to support what they want
not impartial, you "try" but if you detect it... leave that kind of pages

for example

catalonia going strong -the fight continues!, maybe a not recent picture,  a headline
when is turned off,   just their desire

usa "the bad" make look... is feeling in the text

etc  evidently ~with no force    stronger

to convince people

maybe getting no-thing
losing time

or that killer was noisy or silent?, or ate that, or any stupidity that doesn't say nothing, trying to scare or continue, there are noisy people Normal, Christ God, saints, were silent, nuns, or if someone eat a bagel or not, disorienting the people,
when you are talking about a person with: problems, not normal, casino life etc and the main Islam-behind

to be publishing et please
so with authority
leave those kind of pages
for example a garbage called "msn news"

maybe you are more intelligent than them

same with the FALSE pope, as a serpent, that you know for more than 4 years... "and some places still want to deceive many" "the pope says this!" listen listen this one -please! please!

do not follow the wrong. many want your perdition

go with the right group. Full of life   firm

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

*"the wave, guilty: Islam... i can tell you that in your face"

about a person with problem... about things happen,
a person without God with empty life, years and years, not for sanctity, not to follow the truth, to help others, the Glory to who controls and gives life, live a simple life, beautiful, full of of preciousness, order

i understand,

but dear friend, there is a WAVE, imposing from islam, calling "kill them all"

style, what people are ingesting... massive etc because a diabolical book, and giving it more rights, accepting it in the societies, "come destroy us too", we are liberals and love satan

when people will understand there's no pacific islam?... the leader is a KILLER

all of them in a process

matter of time, with problem, muhammed killed many, for allah!

"he never" he was going to that mosque

in the past you knew about those crazy societies in a weird movie, only found them in the middle east
doing wrong things,. or against Israel
now they are conquering civilizations, walking, stepping up, rights, as there are many methods

if you ask me about how to be with islam, i'd say Ø support. in front of God -conscience clean. and sleep well. absolutely NOTHING to do with you, let see how you grow, or extend
k-i-l-l-i-n-g  even with the example, for other person who needs help
death, trending

a situation is not analyzed "superficial", go objective, in sustance
ways in human being
what is doing a hole in the society?
read by a kid, by a sick et
vans, knives, trucks et but he was...

with no God, he is ingesting satanic

what a society is going to do when they deform many young, what to expect, or just copied

something has to pay?   islam
someone wants to do something? just make sure from your part is CUT. with no support at
in orlando "he was pacific", the mosque... and his actions did it contaminate other minds
inspire to kill 50; how many millions read it? atheist, killers et the damage because of their lies, "supported", "rights", help to grow "nice treat"
CUT IT sharp. not from God, like a race, biblical,.. David et
specializes to destroy and invade with demons, ask a jewish
to islam NEVER a nice treat, to Dark list, mosque etc to fight against them, block them as ways as possible
you will have the True God by your side, period. be intelligent
righteousness growing, recovering

there is a person giving red cards to the people, the streets, everyday
"one" day, other gave white
look someone gave me a card!
-i think could be red
how did you know?

please, don't lose the rhythm to identify, main factor

why "nothing like this" before

and the main guilty, the satanic seated on the chair of peter, "another maduro", a vomit
killing with all the garbage from his mouth, put it in the media, to extend
won't be mentioned his name, so not get   nausea, the FALSE pope.

lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

*comment, "a neighborhood wants to be a country", independence! revolution!

100 people say "yes" to abortion, means that is the correct? that is what to be done?


means that 100 need rehabilitation, sick

100 decide to jump... hundred crazy

don't be confused by "group of people on the way to hell" just waiting



one thing is autonomy, governor, languages or whatever et "enjoy that"

other thing is independence like you are "invaded"

so a group of people are agree in the north to take 5 blocks and declare independence,..
"because all of them are agree"

what about MY rights of my land's limits established? my vote don't count as a citizen?? only them?
counts the vote of:  a nation

it is not necessary to lose time about what is obvious

a communist project to destroy spain, don't let some media confuse you, maduro also backing up catalonia -Openly

that's it, you dont need to go deep, the fist closed, images, violence, disgust

where is the president to stop "the show" growing? and clean

and other community just waiting to see what happen and declare "independence", pop up

spain will be punished with communism if you dont stop it on time

the revolution! what a coincidence, cuban flag revolution, catalonia and its "revolution", flag

Image result for bandera cubana

Image result for cataluña bandera

and they adopted because of "cuba", detailed, not hidden...

there is a brain-washed, to the people, taking the majority, to destroy... as it happens in venezuela punished.

people not understanding what communism is, "the revolution" with a populist discourse, about the paradise on earth, all solutions, to steal

tell everyone do NOT support any stupid of catalonia and the "independence"

call them communist, right there.

spain is a land where the rights of all spanish count. not your 5 blocks

viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

*the words were left clear, in front of God, for more than 4 years

very serious on the matter, and not "playing"   people who know me understand how took it,
to dedicate.. et

i have been clear, not to be over and over, "bergoglio" a FALSE pope, for a FALSE church for condemnation, Perdition
the communism, taken

deceive, Lie

repeated, explaining, etc,etc,. about other themes are also published along this time

punishment, a period, if the rest doesn't change (related)

bergoglio's followers to perdition

don't be deceived of ridicules, False ones

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

*"they are in Mortal sin", ok, now start to discern!

no rules, morality is a consequence how you like it in your conscience

"i have the conscience in the lie, hardened, so for me to steal is "normal"


taking people to Hell:

We can not teach just precepts like, "You can not do this, you have to do this, you do not have to do this, you can, you can not."

funny  destroying all moral, pattern in the face of everyone

against God Openly

you shall NOT lie
NOT commit adultery

"we can not teach" precepts like that

when you ask a person, what about this!?

and change way, saying but what about those!, that, etc

Adultery, Mortal sin. please talk to me about mafia!
or is not important??

stupid W-O-L-F  thinking he is smart

Amoris laetitia:   clear and positive      to hell

is it possible to give the communion??

the re-married 2, 3, 4 times!, being Indissoluble with no nullity!  denied,
and just start to discern!!

False from the beginning, deceive

Say NO to Rigid Norms, eat condemnation please

and he is the pharisee  the ones -IN THE LIE

Christ, explains about to Obey, rules, reject the sin, convert, marriage is one or nullity, etc,. NOTHING ELSE "to approve" Sacrilege, Blasphemy condemnation

he wants to call pharisee DESTROYING for his religion

speaking clear FALSE church openly
use the g translator

sábado, 2 de septiembre de 2017

*if the world doesn't change to the right... the rest of leftist will be punished, death

leftist is the diabolical advance in a generation, framed with different images, red empires, red waves, idelogies etc to dominate

but God gives time, to go back to him, understanding to spend the life focused in the true catholic doctrine, sanctity, obeying the truth
away, rejecting goals of "world"  stupidity
effort "trying to catch the wind"
more and more, nausea

if people don't change to the right, world will be punished, death

so a rest understand crying, darkness, pain, panorama,.. life is given by Him, as a loan
not by yourself

not for the lie, not for abomination, worldly, stupidity

here was warned, leftist are going to perdition and people living wrong

all who decide to insist and "dont change" for the correct, serious
humiliated in front of God

garbage will be cleaned, as happened before in history... millions crying, others death

and people changing with tears, affected, putting a brake and going back to right

kneeling down, becoming true catholics, praying the rosary   asking for mercy

of a piggery stablished, supported

ending a generation is the time over for the clowns, not maybe "in one day" ... but a period, could be years, intermittent, etc in many ways
being sent directly to specific people away of the truth, God, But could affect others too et

be living in God, sanctity, defending the truth, right... Not in Mortal sin and prepared

"bergoglio" followers are going to Hell

~ don't be deceived

not a beginning but slowly understanding how a quantity of  "ants" can die fast
and tears of many could be opened to a "non stop" time, undetermined

(in a middle of a chaos, hard context "situations" to live, always defend, support the order, the right, correct, the truth... be clear in front of God)  if that take "years" or "whatever" et at the end of the process who is in the truth will win.

miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

*"health" of the planet, "health" of person... "cry" of the earth, cry of the poor... Insisting, both to be seen like organisms

Insisting to see the earth "an organism", gaia, pachamama
sing to her, find a sewer and throw her food
she gets mad

Image result for false pope mother earth la verdad / the truth

a moral issue! for the communist, left
what about amoris laetitia? evangelii gaudium? laudato si? homosexuals, adultery, false gods, islamic invasion, abortion, population control, no sacraments, protestants, etc,etc,etc


*"a god-elephant ganesh inside church, "the same" pushed

adoration, procession, "our father" mixed etc  "integration of communities"

many will be "united, integrated" in the Hell


Open the space for majesty, elephant head

and False ones inside, oh that's nice, bergoglio my savior, enjoying

seems out of this world, Sick

received with catholic songs,

why some people are "surprised"?? the FALSE head is commanding paganism, Blasphemy, Openly
if you don't want to accept it, it is your problem... cause God has left things clear, nothing has been hidden or private, PUBLIC mother earth, vibes, rituals, witch etc installed, project

Image result for find god in different ways la verdad / the truth

Image result for find god in different ways la verdad / the truth

Image result for arturo sosa la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth julio 2017

*"el duo de la risa", que malestar

con la sra rimbo
proximamente tal vez
la mini serie:  el asco academico

para los que estan esperando que se publique sobre la comedia, un avance


martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

*"two jokes for the month, "bergoglio" explains reminding people that the church is on Peter!"...

yes, but you are Judas, or worst, from the Red empire

Image result for false pope francis la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

- and to politics about to follow catholic church teaching!!, of course his communism
and making people believe, hello is "the catholic church" FALSE

bishops organizing Left protests, mobilizing with the media et "the catholic church!" FALSE    taken

don't be deceived by the serpent

*"chaotic, Mob into the offices of venezuela bishop's conference"

while bergoglio support the death, disaster, Perdition of souls

living a "hell"

reminds people in china, with the ~same play: "eternal dialogue" "almost done" "ready" "government will find solutions, ~die!

are you with "bergoglio" ? you are a satanic cynical, killer

August 29, 2017
A group of people broke into the offices of the venezuelan bishops’ conference on August 25, stealing several items and leaving the building in disarray.

The office was “the victim of the mob,” a Twitter report from the episcopal conference revealed. No details of the attack were given.

priest, prelate,.. asking for medicine in the social network, etc

the diabolic communist helping the dictatorship, and saving it intervening many times, urgent
wait wait! we need around two months for the commission to hear parts...

*"a cross falling, dirty, damaged... logo"

this transmits something losing importance to be destroy, to put his religion

note the emphasis MY

and no Christ

peru, horns, tridents?
chile, "something for the garbage"

catholic? correct?  Ocultism

dark hiding

Image result for viaje chile vaticano

*"let's continue enjoying beautiful things"

...many know, a parenthesis, just to change a little
this time a beautiful melody from spain
(with just some pictures that were already published, to fill space)

here is not supported nothing to do with bullfighting "just in case"

honoring the only ~Master  Jesus christ

como muchos saben un parentesis, para variar
una hermosa melodía,
(con algunas fotos ya publicadas, llenando espacio)
aqui no se apoya nada que ver con tauromaquia "por si a alguno se le ocurre"

haciendo honor al unico ~Maestro Cristo Rey

lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

*"besides the two or three cats" of his angelus, the Homosexual's flag next to you Normal

maybe dancing in your face in a line ~with the flag, and telling you the institution is ours!!!

and the false ones watching, "there's no problem with that!"

maybe the reduced group to hear are just wolves, communists, disoriented tourist
nothing else      "last time i read something was a year ago, i was busy" "that happened? really?"

CAMERA READY transmitting to the world, the project

a Transvestite Apostle in the washing of the feet?  "no one knows"


"pride and promoting" normal for the tv, get adapted to satan, to go to hell   "your angelus"
"ah sure", "no one is guilty" "nobody knows"

~ "bergoglio" "enjoying with pop corn"

tomorrow call the others for a picture sent ok etc your friends
-no, we did it already
what about in general audience!? put something!
-the pregnant is still waiting for the check and some refugees, we are kind of short
the Flag was transmitted today, let's see tomorrow

domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

*"using Jesus Christ for the Evil", diabolic

the deep satanic of that beast "looks with no limits"

~i heard those people have an ideology, killing, suicide etc publicly

~i heard they are killing, they hate "infidels"

~they don't accept the only true God, Holy Trinity

~they don't accept the civilization, laws et

~they want their ideology to dominate the world and they are working for that, also the "pacific" ones tell you that, "one day"

~the "normal" islam, "from a moment", with problems just to Kill A lot of people
"he was normal islam", and just following the commands

~they follow a book of a Killer, thief et


it is compare to tell David to open his house to the philistine, to goliath etc
enemies of the true God, adviced, so the kingdom of death reigns  ~please open it

or elijah "receive diabolic "jezebel" in your house ~please

be careful cause God give you signs, same when you walk

and you see a hole you "See" and make sure your step, inside following God  you also see signs... about what is correct and not
order, life

cause house is not only "physical", is connected to your interior, what you receive, accept, swallow...
the lie etc

August 25,

every foreigner who knocks at our door is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ”

"bergoglio" server of satan

sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

*allies, venezuela, russia, vatican Evil


"bergoglio saving the dictatorship in front of the world" repeated
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called Tuesday for Pope Francis's support against a "military threat" from the United States, as international pressure mounts over the deadly political crisis Caracas is facing.

"May the pope help us prevent Trump from sending troops to invade Venezuela," Maduro told a news conference. "I ask for the pope's help against the military threat from the United States."

...has faced months of deadly mass protests by opponents who blame him for an economic crisis and are demanding elections to replace him.

International pressure has also grown, ...this month that the United States reserved the option of military intervention in the Venezuela crisis.

Maduro pointedly highlighted his alliance with Russia, which had rejected Trump's recent threat as "unacceptable."

The Venezuelan leader said he wanted to "keep strengthening the military cooperation agreement" between the two countries "for the sovereign defense of Venezuela."

Russia recently sold fighter jets and ground to air missiles to Venezuela.
(main regimes of death AROUND THE WORLD, subsist because of Russia support, very Evil. how a country like cuba could remained killing, oppressing, destroying, satanic without Russia... maybe N-E-V-E-R. the strong support was public and "protected"
supplies etc russia was like an idol for cuba, and from the soviet union  continued to the present
communism et
procession of celebrations in russia, you find the direct allies today  evo, castro, china, venezuela etc
no mistakes

"Venezuela has the full and absolute support of Russia," he said, adding that he would soon go to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (letting people know, as siria, china, iran et communists
russia is communist undercover, "re-design" with astuteness, learning of "image mistakes" of the past, goal: take the world global red satanic
with other image

in venezuela
...has called for military drills next weekend...

The United States has applied economic sanctions directly...

they are cynical experts as chavez et, lies for "the workers" laughable reminds stalin
He says the economic collapse that has dragged his country into crisis is a US-backed conspiracy.

The opposition blames his economic management for the crisis.
communism, thieves to steal, and love the suffering death of others, they ~enjoy to see it, beasts
and laugh   maybe with pop corn
Do you know how many died when i closed the entrance of medicine!!?? that was crazy!!
no way, i left many dying of hungry! that was huge when i saw those picture! funny!
i saw taking his organs a-l-i-v-e, he scream like a pig!

remember che guevara telling his "stories", "how fun"

satanics, they know each other     castro chavez KILLERS  not regular humans, many dont understand that

...venezuela has descended into chaos that has raised fears for regional stability.  record inflation et "out of this world"  dark panorama, dying, leaving the country

Almost done in China

*por favor respeten al Anciano, arreglenle los pantalones

se sabe que alguno parece "tenerle miedo", pero por favor es horroso que el anciano tenga los pantalones casi en el cuello y a nadie se le ocurra arreglarle

ayudenle que el anciano lo necesita, porque parece que el no se entera

la sra rimbombante ha disminuido un poco por los dolores de cabeza
aunque parece un poco enojada porque le faltaron algunos anillos,  que risa

y asi sus "peregrinaciones" deberia internarse en un retiro de 1,000 dias a ver si muere a la falsa que vive en usted, que tarde o temprano va rumbo al desequilibrio a la vista

hay falsos, pero estos se llevan el premio
ahora "llama uno de repente con lo academico y "los titulos", le quito el trabajo al tal cristian?, parece ahora es otro en llamada "cambio de nombre", impresionante

y la otra senora parece que ya no puede con la mentira de repetir que es presidente de una "universidad",.. casi poseida con la mentira, superficialidad, la adulacion y hablando de liberacion

vamos con altura!


pero el no Defiende la Verdad? No, sepa bien que el la copia y la DEFORMA para promover sus PORQUERIAS, DISPARATES, DESORIENTACION

por que usted es "tan duro"con este? por el MAL ejemplo, la forma errada de ver la vida que quiere imponer a la fuerza, la superficialidad, falsedad, y el asco academico
lo no-santo

el aire que se respira desde que comienza esa Basura, la comedia a usted le RESTA, se le dice claro, nausea repugnante, anti-valores, para ser de una forma errada en la vida, forma de ser, como lo estan ellos
la Basura para ingerir a los torpes

aqui se cumplio con decirlo claro

jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

*"by dictatorial decree, i declare Luther a new apostle in the bible, and Irreversible!"

it is laughable how a serpent explains, specify about "magisterial!" "authority!" and doesn't want lukewarm lutherans
i said IRREVERSIBLE!!     who are you?  a god?

cause the word of God explains adultery an act, NO MATTER "circumstances" "kids" your lies to deceive

AND YOU CHANGED IT,  "your new bible written by you"
to mention, destroying the confession, you shall not lie, impure acts, fornication, indissolubility, Mortal sin, sacrilege etc,etc,.

tell everyone about the False pope, for the condemnation of souls

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

*tell the world, souls falling to Hell formally, from the "head"

the new situation, period,
in the history
that many need to understand
and stop being babies "i can't believe it"

the institution is corrupted,  taking to perdition

just to remember
"institution" has been created AFTER the true catholic church, (united by letters in many countries from the beginnings)

a leftist organization, taken by the:  communism

for condemnation, punishment

here was told in many ways for more than 4 years

"so god forgive you for What you have done" and SWALLOW THE DOCUMENTS

while you take more to accept it, worse for you, responsibility etc time will finish
--> the world *should have been warned, Already
denounced, ~seconds counting, ~people dying

monster from argentina will go to the history, how ugly for those people, country
their "pride" will be DE-MO-LI-SHED
from what country was the server of the devil?? for the condemnation, ending the generation?
big Serpent server of satan given to take to hell
coming from the lower, inferior of the world / planet

there's a symbolism tight

lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

*be careful with "putin lovers"

as was said before be careful with gloriatv, "father reto nay" "abramo" is RUSSIAN and he is promoting putin, as the best, a savior from Kgb, an angel... etc giving numbers, "i have this" "i have that"
of course at the end of a generation, closing, the bad is like the good
invertion of values
a lot of young talking about russia knowing NOTHING of its past, ideologies, death to the whole world, spiritual   recognized backing the evil with effort, russia means Red
of course allies as vietnam, china et will talk excellent, and of course he has to smash united states, "the bad ones" in the news
so celebrate the evil! as Fidel was doing it   russia!

Repeated and clear to tell the world:
be careful with asiatic, RUSSIAN, islamic, leftist etc.

common label in general, Evil. although you find "one" exception

don't be deceived by idiots, "smart".

*a reir con los de "colombia", la comedia

tiene la palabra

el grupo pintoresco de comedia, malestar, sueno, risa

[para algunos, si aqui se es profesional, estudio, puestos, pasado etc pero no hay necesidad de mencionar estupideces que cualquiera puede tener, o aparentar ser superior a otro", e insistir, "con mucha altura", asco
las personas no valen o son escuchadas mas por eso
la santidad va mas alla, simple, la sustancia, para los humildes; no esos grandes Ridiculos de colombia] facil de ver lo que tienen en la cabeza

contagiando espiritu repugnante

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

*para los que esperan del programa de comedia y sus personajes pintorescos

y el tal galat es teologo? no

y el tal arango? no

es presidente de una "universidad"? no

y la tal ana cecilia es dra en que?

el trabajo del tal cristian es "opinar" o es llamar por telefono con otro nombre cuando no va? cual de los dos?

etc,etc,etc y cantidad de falsedades, enganos "del programa de comedia"

por falsos

de lo que otro puso a sonar,

el padre de la mentira y lo mundano es: satanas

"un senor muy mayor" que le ha dado con que le digan que el es "profesional"    pero que risa

como si fuera un trauma de anos 50's o 60's de soberbia enferma y dos o tres empleados endiosando para cobrar, como un tipo de trabajo

mas nada

recuerda una persona muy mayor ex militar y en la casa de este, debian llamarle "el jefe"
parece que tiene que ver con la edad, una soberbia enferma por no querer aterrizarlo

no se amplia mucho para evitarle molestias a algunos en los ojos, por escandalo de colores, formas etc no armonico, lejos de lo religioso

da malestar tener que buscar ese programa de comedia, ver esos personajes, para hacer una simple entrada