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of the past months, help to pass these for the salvation; Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa


if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for this generation, the Death of many, the true catholic must give a permanent testimony of the

truth everywhere, in prayer and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to Live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los católicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio permanente

de la verdad en todos lados, en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,..entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

(atención no leer de actualidad.rt, rt noticias significa: Russia today o Rusia hoy que es de los comunistas, para desprestigiar a Estados Unidos e Israel, son noticias manipuladas todas de izquierda, siempre a favor de Rusia y sus aliados, nunca vera nada a favor de la Verdad,son chavistas. Solo estos hacen y consiguen las entrevistas exclusivas de Putin para Latinoamerica,tratando de lograr sus objetivos. Rusia envenenaría a las naciones, como La Virgen lo advirtió)

World Visitors

jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

*before maybe all these finish

for some people " picture from other countries but never from ny, why?"
cause i havent had no needs to publish from where i lived

but i will leave some enough, before maybe all these finish
ny, many friends, family,
"groups from church, people" from church", etc,etc


good friend, to take a picture, who helped me to collect the money from the mass
and around new york

 at central park

 church etc


martes, 20 de junio de 2017

*...has its end, tell everyone!

do not be deceived by "silly words and laugh", documents to kill everyone are there, dioceses killing authorized are there, Wrong Evil teaching Pushed, Blasphemy, Heresy, Apostasy, allah, communism etc,etc imposed

souls-are-falling already, authorized
seconds counting, tic tac

satanic communist

to destroy Christ
souls to hell, death

time is here!  tell everyone! to Media

*Following their false head, authorizations, Rupture, transsexual,. etc their religion, False church

the new openness like accepted by all, "with francis", their doctrine


"corpus" Public, combined

the woman a "pastoral assistant", carry for procession, also read the gospel and blessed the faithful with holy water, in the Media, to be Normalized
no rest, argentina, etc

you know ~Normal, here, there, etc "keep going" imposed, the new religion ~Formal, through documents

No Christ

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*throw money, the false church, you know just visiting two comunists

as planned for June 20, like Helicopter, airplanes fast etc
looks like maduro from venezuela, unhappy, with no life

"This morning at 7.27 Pope Francis left the Vatican on board of a Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma... in order to undertake a private visit to the tomb of two pro-Communist italian priests, Fr Primo Mazzolari (+1959) and Fr Lorenzo Milani (+1967). His first destination was Bozzolo, where Fr Mazzolari is buried. The flight distance was 400 km.

The twin-engined aircraft used for this private visit is about 20 m long and almost 5 m high. It can carry up to 24 persons and consumes almost three litres of fuel pro km. The aircraft is not know for being environment friendly. Only very rich people can permit themselves to use it for private visits.

cynic, use bike, turn off all... all of you to misery! receive islam!

don't be deceived by a latin american communist, for perdition

tell everyone!

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

*ASSASSIN, collaborating, the death

andrea tornielli from "vatican insider"ASSASIN
for the FALSE pope, condemnation
sick, like a spadaro

Image result for andrea tornielli

Related image

"not playing" for the destruction of everyone.

this space has nothing to with "heralds of the gospel", or defending them
but andrea tornielli now putting the death of "the pope", making a link to "conservatives", subtly etc so people look as "the bad ones"

the tone is mentioned, repeated in ways
like taking whatever

or like vatican after ganswein, announcing "breaking!" new trips!! of the pope!, so fast!, so people dont think, follow what is the truth,
they are trying everything!, in emergency mode!  look this! that! etc

good to accept the downfall, publicly, lost
but the group with the Devil are them, wanting to be seen as "the victims"

Etc,. andrea tornielli is from the group taking to perdition
downfall and in contact with the devil... nuance, what else?

the big killer, Enemy of God, server of the devil, the FALSE pope.

*Blasphemy, Apostasy from the Serpent

tell everyone about the False pope

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth


June 2017
..."Jesus Christ’s Gospel reveals to us that God cannot be without us: He will never be a God“without man”; it is He who cannot be without us, and this is a great mystery! God cannot be God without man: this is a great mystery!"

the Serpent is openly giving a package of Heresies, blasphemy for the perdition

- Does God need a man? to be God?
the answer is in the Bible, just to take one quick,.
Job, explaining clear,.. about the "where were you" when he was acting, creating, being God, dominating like King,..?

- God cannot be without the man?
God sends to Hell, ETERNAL SEPARATION of him,
cause he-does-not need you for nothing. you need him.
God will be Great, God, without you

- God has A LOT of creatures, as archangel, seraphim etc, giving him glory, recognizing his Preciousness, Perfection, excellency,.. He is God, before created the man, and After,..

- it is clear in the First book so you understand right away
"regretted having created man on the earth"
he only saved 8 from the flood, and was about millions
in the history, does he need those quantity of people?? what looks like ants, For the King
sounds funny

- the Serpent insinuates also that God is a creation of man,
no man - no god, typically from atheist, like with no brain, examining immaterial things in the existence, and as simple to see how do good or bad brings something to the interior, and in the reality, sustaining a reality OUT of man capacity, power,.. etc just "to mention"
man cant "create" what he cant do, as laws, nature working like an industry, human body, no material, intelligence, love,etc more than physical etc,etc

- also assigning Jesus Christ's gospel revealing that, is a LIE, BLASPHEMY.

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

*spiritual work, not too visble, transform, reject

can music of the world be used to take people to God in a moment?

could be used. cause God is life, and the owner of the music.(melodies in order, with no lyrics sometimes)

no one is saying to construct music for the world, etc but a melody created can be used, to take people to God. attract
more than the mundane image, that you can write them and tell them to go to God,

it's all spiritual movements. to be used
is not supporting any artist for "the world"

things ~transformed, for repugnant.

spiritual movements that not all the people will understand.

how God take a people to him? only "with church things"? FALSE

God uses, what is needed
even something saying, i love the beautiul life,
take people to "a step" for the truth of life

"i saw the face of that young person" and from that day i was transformed for God's things, nothing else

God used just a face, to inspire

to people hearing noise as music, one day God permit a slow one from a group
person start to taste, experimenting, maybe like it
other day listen a catholic group
other day instrumental

and all that going, destroy what is distortioned

that means the world things are not right, but can be "used" to attract to life, in a different way, moment, to give form in others, towards the truth

or you teach teology to a prostitute? no, slow you try to pull in an attractive way, sound nice, look is a nice guy et looks like he understand me

that's why honest person can say, that takes me to God, inspire me

i prefer silence most of the time, but there are person also who does not understand that, and also you have to know what they listen, thinking, hows the world goes etc very minor knowledge

how you attract when you know nothing about it? out of the context
at least knowing superficial, the line

etc, or for drug dealer you will talk more like adapted, to convince, using conectors
or you will go to them singing in latin?

you should show latin, after he understand or know God

many things are high, so not all the priests are in capacity to understand some things, living for appearance, ripping their vestments. show them latin!!! God knows very well when sent "one" who really knows uses of God, spiritual life, transforming for others, the wellness for others, levels, Superior, reject established for others, the taught or what surpasses many

NEVER in your life you can tell about other what you dont really know. deep to be "sure".
be very sure about this: there's no grace without obedience.

*specific: For Corpus Christi, any body, No corpus. happy sunday

shining for the camera, notorious and commented
No Christ, no kneel, no procession, sunday, etc

of course the wood can't be visible like the metal, trying to be "intelligent" to annul corpus, as ways as possible for the minds

*a "humble meal", no Sacred thursday beginning of the passion, last supper, to give the body, blood, no proccesion, no kneel etc

the day of body, blood of Christ is a thursday, and will be always.
it is a spiritual matter.

same as you want to move the meaning of the friday, death... for a sunday

sound closer to "happy meal", abolition of the sacrifice.

Blasphemy, Apostasy, Formal etc Imposed.
FALSE pope for condemnation.
tell everyone  CLEAR

domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

*tell everyone, and repeated!, people to Hell, False pope sounding everywhere!

***the Big Killerthe Serpent***
***the Impostor
The Enemy of Yahveh

the ~whole package
openly, Authorized, organized, Imposed

Image result for cupich la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope protestants la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope francis mahmoud abbas la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa transexual la verdad / the truth

Related image

~NORMAL to media, about AFTER seeing the "pope"... receives the communion,
was thought it was "something wrong", 


Image result for falso papa francisco maduro la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa francisco maduro la verdad / the truth

Image result for communist la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope protestants la verdad / the truth

Image result for encuentran a Dios de diversa manera la verdad / the truth

Image result for la verdad / the truth

Image result for indigenas la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope protestants la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa la verdad / the truth

do not be deceived, documents to kill everyone are theredioceses killing authorized are there, Wrong Evil teaching Pushed, Blasphemy, Heresy, Apostasy, allah, communism etc,etc imposed

German, Maltese bishops, Italians, belgians, Argentinians, United states etc Named in many places, and applied authorized around the world

Through Formal documents from him, Openly in Rupture. new religion for condemnation.
Signed. approbation, validation, all publicly etc
Applied in "his own diocese" Openly
Openly -Confirmation- sent a letter through baldisseri to Maltese bishops, for the guidelines, in Public
~in Rupture so everyone understand the new religion
Many people are being sent to  Hell.
the Belgian bishops published a pastoral letter in Dutch and French, Openly calling that they are "with francis" explained Rupture for condemnation, against Christ.

what dubia?

imposed Formal. False church, false pope


FORMAL GUIDELINES, the marriage is not one anymore.

On June 4, the Sicilian Bishop Conference, encompassing the 17 dioceses  of Sicily, followed their neighboring bishops in Malta

promulgating pastoral guidelines on Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia authorizing the holy Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried without annulment

as a Normal, common
as Signed. NO OTHER thing.

"According to the assessment of the confessor and taking into account the good of the penitent, it is possible to absolve and admit [the divorced and civilly remarried] to the Eucharist, even though the confessor knows that it is, for the Church, an objective disorder."

FALSE pope
for condemnation

as  He Signed.

30 "other marriages" (around), received the communion
the marriage is not one anymore, destroying Christ
a false church sending for condemnation

new marriages, 3rd, 4 or 5 etc Normal

radioamanecer (translator)

of course
"bergoglio" in "the same" reconquista, santa fe,
his group

of course who Named that person, as cupich, osoro, De kesel, nichols etc ?

FALSE pope "bergoglio" latin american communist, satanist

Image result for cupich la verdad / the truth
Etc, Etc, etc,..


FALSE pope
tell everyone on time. use the Media, methods, and repeated
souls are falling already

not a "theme", NOT one marriage, or one family anymore.