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of the past months, help to pass these for the salvation; Bergoglio "francis" False pope, condemnation.

life is for sanctity not for nothing else - la vida es para la santidad no para otra cosa


if humanity doesn't change, a punishment will come for the generation, the Death of many, true catholics must give testimony of the truth, and in prayer

and Sacrifice, the Rosary,.. understanding to live for God, for the holiness and the salvation of souls; cleaning of humanity.

si la humanidad no cambia, vendra un castigo terrible para la generacion, la muerte de muchos, los católicos verdaderos deben dar testimonio de la verdad,

y en oracion y Sacrificio, el rosario,.. entendiendo vivir para Dios, la Santidad, la salvacion de las almas; limpieza de la humanidad

atención no leer de actualidad rt, rt noticias significa: Russia today o Rusia hoy que es de los comunistas, para desprestigiar a Estados Unidos e Israel, noticias manipuladas de izquierda, a favor de Rusia y sus aliados,son chavistas. Estos hacen, consiguen entrevistas de Putin para latinoamerica, tratando de lograr sus objetivos. Rusia envenenaría a las naciones, como La Virgen lo advirtió

este espacio esta en contra de un tal "santiago martin" o un tal "alejandro bermudez", defensores de "bergoglio", Satanás. No siga sus "opiniones"

World Visitors

lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

*be careful with "putin lovers"

as was said before be careful with gloriatv, "father reto nay" "abramo" is RUSSIAN and he is promoting putin, as the best, a savior from Kgb, an angel... etc giving numbers, "i have this" "i have that"
of course at the end of a generation, closing, the bad is like the good
invertion of values
a lot of young talking about russia knowing NOTHING of its past, ideologies, death to the whole world, spiritual   recognized backing the evil with effort, russia means Red
of course allies as vietnam, china et will talk excellent, and of course he has to smash united states, "the bad ones" in the news
so celebrate the evil! as Fidel was doing it   russia!

Repeated and clear to tell the world:
be careful with any asiatic, RUSSIAN, islamic, leftist etc.

common label in general, Evil. although you find "one" exception

don't be deceived by idiots, "smart".

*a reir con los de "colombia", la comedia

tiene la palabra

el grupo pintoresco de comedia, malestar, sueno, risa

[para algunos, si aqui se es profesional, estudio, puestos, pasado etc pero no hay necesidad de mencionar estupideces que cualquiera puede tener, o aparentar ser superior a otro", e insistir, "con mucha altura", asco
las personas no valen o son escuchadas mas por eso
la santidad va mas alla, simple, la sustancia, para los humildes; no esos grandes Ridiculos de colombia] facil de ver lo que tienen en la cabeza

contagiando espiritu repugnante

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

*para los que esperan del programa de comedia y sus personajes pintorescos

y el tal galat es teologo? no

y el tal arango? no

es presidente de una "universidad"? no

y la tal ana cecilia es dra en que?

el trabajo del tal cristian es "opinar" o es llamar por telefono con otro nombre cuando no va? cual de los dos?

etc,etc,etc y cantidad de falsedades, enganos "del programa de comedia"

por falsos

de lo que otro puso a sonar,

el padre de la mentira y lo mundano es: satanas

"un senor muy mayor" que le ha dado con que le digan que el es "profesional"    pero que risa

como si fuera un trauma de anos 50's o 60's de soberbia enferma y dos o tres empleados endiosando para cobrar, como un tipo de trabajo

mas nada

recuerda una persona muy mayor ex militar y en la casa de este, debian llamarle "el jefe"
parece que tiene que ver con la edad, una soberbia enferma por no querer aterrizarlo

no se amplia mucho para evitarle molestias a algunos en los ojos, por escandalo de colores, formas etc no armonico, lejos de lo religioso

da malestar tener que buscar ese programa de comedia, ver esos personajes, para hacer una simple entrada

*"about islam" and the idiots "dont mix it"

hey you, dont mix "normal" islam with that


~he never had a violent past

~he was going to that mosque, "normal"

~he was living in the country for many years

"he never"

"he never"

and killed 30

his name mohammed

no, dont mix "normal islam" with that

of course they are in the process to end the road with mohammed doctrine, "where nothing else"

he was "normal" islam  --> walking in the process

no other thing, in that book to find

about a killer

islam must be condemned as ouija, satanic, commands of a killer openly etc "he doesnt want to do it like that" cause he is quiet now


what about tomorrow, not "too quiet", with problems etc

DON'T OPEN YOUR COUNTRY TO ISLAM, death, it doesn't matter the "style" "normal at the moment"

they want that satanic? craziness to follow, law etc,  Far away of civilizations

*"a new one for the week "the Assassin of Three, and Seven injured is an ... "


candles and candles, bodies

"oh he is very sorry", for the happy message

catholics are the terrorist

allahu akbar, FOLLOW THE KORAN
that is what Jesus commands?

WOLF  satanic

Image result for muslim koran la verdad / the truth                          

"praise to allah"
forget about holy trinity, dont forget me in your "vocalization"

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

-Finland ‘terror attack’: Several people injured after ‘knifeman screaming Allahu Akbar’ goes on rampage in city

Police have confirmed “several people have been knifed” in the centre of Turku this afternoon – including ‘a woman and a baby’.

The police are urging people to avoid the centre of town – and a body has reportedly been spotted covered up.

According to information police have opened fire – and witnesses report seeing a pool of blood.

Early reports say one assailant was shot in the leg – and this person was arrested.

The police tweeted at 2.50pm: “Several persons stabbed in central Turku. Police has shot at suspected perpetrator. One person is apprehended.”


destroy the civilization, chaos, look for the Mask bernie! i want to hear population control!!, china! enviromental!, death! but what is going on?? put conferences! bishops push! call for the front! i need death, blood, anarchy now

invasion is positive, mahmud abbas is an angel of peace, islam, give me that foot they are the new apostles

jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

*"the responsible are the van makers"

Open the countries!  change the system!

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

the culpable is the knife maker!
-no, now was a van
well the van maker then! or truck, or buildings, rope, whatever

the invasion is positive

the group must be celebrating, they are losing the counting
truck, rifles, vans, knives, on bridges, streets,. bars, airports etc

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth   Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth  Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth   Image result for atentado paris  Related image

Image result for false pope islam la verdad / the truth


Image result for false pope islam la verdad / the truth

Image result for false pope islam la verdad / the truth

"allahu akbar"

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth          Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth

Image result for falso papa francisco islam la verdad / the truth      Image result for muslim koran la verdad / the truth

in the doctrine of mohammed, in practice by him, no matter if you are pacific, not sure, walking to that point, "other kind" "for the moment" etc

to be condemned.

he wants the death of people, civilization, the perdition of souls

here is not supported or nothing to do with "cnn", showing in the other side, deceiving


domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

* ..."so god forgive you for What you have done"

a sinister character, accompanied with a thunderbolt

a cardinal giving the testimony to the camara, kind of confused and explained he told us

so *punctual

taking you to the devil openly

~with a group of killers Named
one behind the other, one more
seconds counting

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

*"how to get organs from dissidents"

organ haversting, cleaning

call sorondo

"Organ harvesting is now so rampant in China that they can provide a kidney in four hours. This is ethically unsupportable," Enver Tohti, an ethnic Uighur who fled to England after he took part in organ harvesting as a surgeon in China's west during the 1990s, told ucanews.com in February.

communists, dissidents, dangerous mix


"the wisdom of communist" satanic, vatican
eating rats, serpents, dogs...
many published about Human meat


when you see an asiatic or russian, just be very careful, spiritual
atheists, evil...etc common label "in general", although you find "one" exception

*"HEALTH of planet" "a person, organism alive"

"mother earth" , the one that gave us life, protect us
but no forgive

so treat her right

cantalamessa to pray with creation, vibes of a tree    together

find a sewer and throw her food, going in circles sing for her

gaia - pachamama - pantheistic - vibes

Image result for madre tierra

do you know who is the bad making her sick?     the people

population, too many people, no sustainable, climate, pollution

donate people for organs

abortion, one child

change the system

common, poverty

all tight with the communism, china image, onu

re-write that religion, communist
NO Christ to obey, an argentinian man


"Vatican Hosting Population Control Conference Featuring Abortion Advocates, Climate Radicals"

a repeated song

Health of People, Health of Planet 
and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health.”

health, ill pushed... for person's threatment

although "some" dont want to recognize it, this is a work mentioned
repeated during months, years in different manners techniques
over and over

Agenda         from a diabolic front       created on purpose


*"churches more empty" misleading, immoral

who wants to be under the devil? to hell

raise your hand

dont be surprised about the sect, the communists working with the ONU, taken

"a patriotic chinese"

about emptiness, or vocation, etc it is just something obvious, you don't need numbers of no one "to demonstrate you" a situation; i personally was thinking about religious, almost done, and more than 4 years holding, outside
maybe loosing my life opportunity - age

i want to leave that clear
i always wanted to be religious, franciscan etc but the things didn't happened, whole context changed, for me and i think for many others, and the needs are different with the true church
combating the devil on the seat
rescuing people fast etc

the reality
dont follow that "chinese communist church" false, re-writting to condemnation

                 Image result for comunista la verdad / the truth           Image result for comunista la verdad / the truth

*"one by one" matter of time, now brazil for the list

with the time "all joining", growing

SÃO PAULO, Brazil - The Brazilian Bishops’ National Conference
did not close the door that leads to the sacraments for divorced and remarried couples.

“conditioning factors and extenuating circumstances” may “attenuate or even annul the moral responsibility and imputability of unlawful acts.”

you know "discernment process" to do whatever you want
children etc

copying and joining the sect, what marriage? all can be talk, negotiated
1,2,3, 4...

and others in the same way but scared to announce it
to hell

viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

*"la broma de los miercoles o jueves", personajes pintorescos

se va a tratar de publicar la broma semanal sin falta, para que la gente se divierta un poco
se hace un parentesis para variar, e insertar un programa de comedia

jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

*"Amoris laetitia" is not an authoritative... what else?

so why you insisted with a dubia. time, Formal correction, urgency that many understand, not only from "you", death of people? etc now "no authoritative"
don't listen to burke, i dont want to be drastic, i hope you better find other ways to combat, not giving more of those kind of words, cause im going to definitely look at you as an enemy soon, false.

it's been repeated, people taken to Hell openly, Applied, Already, Imposed, by the head "pope", authoritative, NOT a subaltern, no matter if you want to repeat a phrase to go to sleep.

reality is other. dictated, Imposed, OBEYED.  dying

find other way, Media etc. but don't come with that, i have more than 4 years very tired about "for the idiots", and not-playing-anymore.

miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

*"Immorality, emptiness"

touching women, a "blessing"

reminds a protestant pastor examples about to go to his room, you will be "blessed"

"he told me i was going to be blessed" "nothing bad"

and don't think this was , this is coordinated, as the circus, homosexuals, "surprises", "well known immoral people", acts "marrying a woman in long white dress PREGNANT" huge, for the camera, emptiness ~and him smiling etc to destroy moral, kids learning etc


... church... "contamination of light"

"jesus did not create a church of perfect people"

jesus became the devil

holy spirit as apostle of babel

"all in heaven" god forgives


in other words he is begging you

Please choose the devil, please

im not having much time

martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

*answer about "homosexuals and the letter"

When you see a space to rebut something, inventing, lying, deceit behind
And here it is not answered
It's not because "i don't have how to respond", is that my time that I don't dedicate to "any", to respond again and again to "who wants to deceive everyone" with fantasies
if here already was said, evil or about something else, someone, theme etc.
Remember it, because is not going to be repeated and repeated.

The Vatican has used a network of homosexuals, communicated among themselves, to take steps, activists at hand
So that in the end oh "nobody was" "nobody is guilty"
Repeated, 4 years not two days

Similar to Bishop before the cameras ~of the World, approvals, movements, etc. "i dont know" and laugh

oh he was a partner of "bergoglio", oh "he named him", "oh"

not going to be abounding more in the same

What said, "bergoglio" before the cameras TO TWO LESBIANS PAYED-TO-GO IN THE DAY OF THE IMMACULATE, you are accepted ---as you are--- described in detail, after talking to him the communion to be received etc, etc. or gay grooms, greet them with a kiss to Each one, happy, or TRAVESTY in washing of the feet, the new priest, communion ,. And giving the testimony Before the world, cameras of the Vatican etc, etc. o NAMING homosexuals, martin, etc. Defenders of homosexuality, approvals, "techniques", strategies, such as wedding by the church, "blessings", Bishops and bishops named, more and more And Can-be-continued clear with not rebut

Know that not a minute of my time I give to those.

*respuesta sobre "los homosexuales y la carta"

cuando usted vea que una porqueria de espacio, busque rebatir algo, inventando, la mentira, el engano detras
y aqui NO se responde
no es porque "no se tenga que responder", es que mi tiempo NO lo dedico a disparates, de responder una y otra vez al "que quiere enganar a todos" con fantasias
ya se dijo que es Falso, del mal o sobre algo, alguna otra cosa, de alguien, tema etc
recuérdelo, porque es que no se va a estar repitiendo y repitiendo otra vez.

el vaticano ha Usado una red de homosexuales, comunicados entre ellos, para dar pasos, activistas a mano
para que al final oh "nadie fue" "nadie es culpable"
repetido, 4 años no dos dias

parecido a Obispo ante las camaras del mundo, aprobaciones, movidas etc "Nadie sabe" y la risa,

oh el fue companero de "bergoglio", "oh el fue nombrado por el",  "oh"

no se va a abundar mas en los mismo

que dijo bergoglio ante las camaras  A DOS LESBIANAS PAGADAS PARA IR EL DIA DE LA INMACULADA, se te acepta ---como eres---  descrito detallado, despues de hablar con el colmuga etc,etc o novios homosexuales, saludarlos con un beso a cada uno, feliz, o TRAVESTI en lavatorio, nuevo sacerdote, comulgando,. y dando su testimonio Ante el mundo, camaras del vaticano etc,etc o NOMBRANDO homosexuales, martin, etc defensores de la homosexualidad, aprobaciones, "tecnicas", estrategias, como boda por la iglesia, "bendiciones", obispos y obispos, mas y mas etc,etc, y asi  Se-puede-seguir sin poderlo rebatir

sepa que ni un minuto de mi tiempo le doy a esos.

*"Wrong words of Burke" do not listen to that

telling everyone be serene, "not to worry" cause the victory of Christ, you know, is already written

sounds like i recognize and believe in Christ, "im saved"


testimony?, John the baptist pointing Herod in front of everyone?

so because is written im going to close this space and go to sleep. im going to follow burke
waiting for that

what God is going to tell me?, about my responsibility with him, so he can win, the victory?

if you can do nothing, try to convince the Media to do it, but don't  say those kind of words, to destroy MORE
BLOCKING others to do something
and of Course "someone called" "the edward pentin" vatican-lover, promoting that

disgust and vomit.

amoris laetitia?  now be serene
no, if cardinals "can't do nothing"
tell others to talk, Media etc

*commentary, that's it, heads clear to everyone, Sorondo, "parallel with Onu" so people Understand, "bergoglio" insisting during a Week, movements, Auza -to the world, "stop breaking your head" taken, Apostasy

they repeat it every time they can, the Left package, compromise with the common to the world, "poverty", communism the system, refugee, LGBT, "hungriness", gender no judge, sustainable development, environmental issues, "water", climate change, Islam, pollution, women, "make friends" peace, etc,etc 2030 Agenda

repeated repeated repeated,  about Implementing the Agenda...

what else you need to hear?   a diabolic front to attack the world, to destroy rules, conservative, the truth

the communism took the vatican, the chair, is under satan
and looking to take the world,

supporting red dictatorships, atheists, allies, abortionist

violation, destroy the true church     Already imposed openly, pray to islam, together, etc not convert, etc, etc Magisterial documents, communists evangelii gaudium, laudato si, MORTAL SIN authorized amoris laetitia, not clear? interpretation imposed etc

formally   of them
forget about Paul, Christ, popes etc

new religion, FALSIFICATION of global left, communists
corrupted     for condemnation    combined

of course many about catholic laughing meaning communists, "the same", Raul Castro, Al Gore, maduro with his "same cross" etc,etc   a mockery   evo, Merkel, china etc killers

lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

*"Congratulations", homosexual, called "FAMILY" sodoma

now the "signing a picture" for them
the copycat is a vomit

"Autographed photograph of the pope is the glory!"

published today

what faith?

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

the FALSE family, Abomination, "toni reis" is a public activist

verified in his "facebook"


bergoglio's church?

false church server of satan        for condemnation

domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

*"a Bishop to Media" Openly, Pushed "Homosexuality", gift given by God

trying many ways possible, from "Heads" of the False to the people

Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos, “Homosexuality, if it is not a choice and not a disease, it is a gift given by God.”

Appointed by "bergoglio"

"what a coincidence"

Of course

"the wisdom of xi jinping" communist

August 3, 2017

Pope 'loves China', Vatican official says on trip to China

Speaking in Beijing where he was attending an organ transplant conference, the head of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, expressed the Pope's goodwill, the state-run Global Times reported.

"Pope Francis loves China and loves the people of China, its history and population. We hope China can have a great future,"

supporting the communist in front of the world, the side of the government

... "loves China" and the Vatican hopes China has a great future, a Chinese state-run newspaper on Friday cited a visiting Vatican official as saying, in an expression of goodwill despite strained relations between the two.

Pope Francis would like to heal a decades-old rift with China, where Catholics are divided between those loyal to him and those who belong to a government-controlled official church.

organ Transplant, china, abortion, violation of human rights, etc dangerous mix, these people sound like Monsters
communists see people as a force for labor, "animal", atheist, not contributing anymore? something to be eliminated
economy?, abortion etc


Of Course in CNN, AL GORE to the world

the Left a diabolic front

not catholic, they took the name for an argentinian man "creation"

Image result for false pope francis china xi jinping la verdad / the truth

*"de una broma" no lejos de ser real

surgido por otra persona,

pero se aprovecha y se coloca libremente para que sepa que aqui causan risa
sin ningun temor a esconderlo
por lo evidente falso para las camaras

"tu minuto!"
adorado sea el dios "galat" que nos paga!

"tu minuto!"
adorado sea dios "galat" que nos paga

"tu minuto!"
adorado sea el dios "galat" que nos paga! dios
bueno tienes dos minutos por eso

no hay mas alabanzas? no doy mas minutos aqui mando yo
si claro ahora mismo dios aqui tengo 2 alabanzas por whatsap
sea adorado, sea exaltado etc
ok dije que cortes ya, te callas
y sonrie tambien

bueno este ya por hoy es suficiente, hasta la proxima
para un programa "puramente academico" y feliz 1964

no sumo "academico profesional"
estamos en el 2017

y la persona que llamo quiso decir eso tambien! yo se lo repeti, pero usted no escucho bien

descuentale en el cheque
no a el usted no le paga, fue que llamo
no entiende? ah bueno

china viene!!!! tengo 1 millon de citas, que no entiendo muy bien!! y estos otros libritos!! etc
no, hasta la proxima, rafael arango "en el proximo" haz silencio
corta, corta rapido cuando ya termine de hablar, estaran muertos? o es que se fueron todos? hazle seña! o tendre que ir yo mismo?
no hay nadie ahi dentro, es que no estan atendiendo...
parece que algo les da un ambiente vacio, malestar, Repugnante, para seguir mirando, escuchando eso

sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

*"satanic", the life of, a CONTAMINATION, take that

meaning like church's life the contamination, as the serpent who kills is "the one" who save
forcing Approving sin, Mortal, the devil etc "that's the life of church"

Jesus  ~became the devil

Holy spirit as  ~"apostle of Babel"

August 2, 2017

a playing with words, to give deep Jesus IS NOT in the life of church. is a contamination. take that, "can work"

the destruction, contamination by him,

the life of the church is,    -and Pause

~the life of the church is a contamination of light

*"Almost Done, Disappearing", by "bergoglio"

New Hong Kong bishop's cross removal comments sparks anger
| Aughust 4, 2017 |

Christians in mainland China were enraged by remarks on the cross-removal campaign that the new bishop of Hong Kong made in a press conference, just as news broke that a dozen church crosses had been removed or received notification for removal in central Jiangxi province recently.

When asked about the cross-removal campaign by China's ruling Communist Party in Christian-heavy Zhejiang province between 2013 and 2016, Bishop Yeung said it was just a local issue at the very beginning but later involved many political elements which made it complicated.

Appointed by bergoglio.

"with the regime" to make it dissapear it, false faith,
related, he is also linked to homosexuality defense etc

*short reminder "people confused"

people get confused, when here is combating "bergoglio", his group, plans etc

this space has NOTHING to do with the called "jose galat" "un cafe con galat" "teleamiga" etc etc OF COURSE IM OPPOSED to that "program", analyzing the apocalypse as a literal magazine "very easy", promoting "mary divine mercy" his people with "suit and tie" trying to project "high", for me prosaic, garbage
im SEPARATED of that person, and opposed, and also style, ambient etc here is simple with substance, at the end for saints / sanctity  true people, not the mouth "academics" causing maybe allergy

but people get confused if you just read or talk about steps related to bergoglio, nothing more, for example the "gloria tv" and the "father Reto nay", at the end bergoglio, russia etc of course IM OPPOSED to gloria tv, but you read, take places for a while, watching, way, etc NOT "supporting" "Agree" with them
it has been said in spanish but here repeated for English speakers clear, NOTHING to do with "jose galat" and related people, "alberto villasana" craziness etc.

*recordatorio, "gente confundida"

ya se dijo claro pero hay gente que se confunde porque se diga algo con referencia bergoglio y sus grupo

no "apoyando" en sus planes
pero se repite por ultima vez y detallado, porque hastía ese tema

escuche bien, aqui no se tiene NADA que ver con el tal "jose galat" "sus opiniones" eso de la tal "teleamiga" etc aqui se ha dicho claramente desde la cabeza podrida NO PISAR mas ahi dentro, porque ya esta en comunion con la apostasia, gente mu-rien-do
miemtras el insiste vendiendo que "cuando nos cambien la misa", FALSO. y cantidad de disparates, principalmente "maria de la divina misericordia" que usted debe reirse cuando alguien la mencione.
el grupo de menos de 10  mujeres en facebook, las mismas, una tal de argentina claro, flor garcia escudero, perdida en el espacio, julia silva rolon, "filomena de pasamonte" una tal "pilar gutierrez" y sus disparates, carmen joy etc Desubicadas, yendo como un barco "de aqui para alla" y un nuevo entretenimiento, mire los nombres para que sepa y se ria

Charles no tiene N-A-D-A que ver con ese grupito "villasana" y sus locuras, con traje y corbata, a mi me causan mucha risa "alejandro pedraza" un tal "carlos rodriguez" y su altura "porque es que no somos emocionales" somos "academicos" es como prosaico etc etc o la tal beatriz y su liberacion de maldiciones "eternas" o la senora mayor llamada ana cecilia llena de maquillajes y porquerias, como si fuera a una fiesta... pero eso sera en serio? o es broma? asi es la mujer de Dios? usted y su tono parecen de una novela que da dolor de cabeza. para llenar un espacio muerto. Sepa que la verdad / the truth es SEPARADO de esos ridiculos, esto es sencillo, con substancia
para otro tipo de gente, los santos

JAMAS el aparentar, ni altura ni BASURA de ese ambiente y de esos. lo que les encanta a dos o tres torpes
JAMAS ese estilo, que parece causar alergia en la piel

JAMAS perteneciente a todo ese grupito mencionado de facebook, contados
"villasanas"   asco

si aqui a veces "se tiene que leer algo", pero JAMAS perteneciente a esos
pero gente se confunde

lo mismo que gloria tv y un tal "padre Reto", a la larga con bergoglio, rusia etc. AQUI NO SE APOYA A "gloria tv", se mira a veces, como a veces se toma un lugar, medios... rumbo etc

pero la gente se confunde y cree "oh el apoya aquello" FALSO. aqui se apoya la verdad / the truth, no componendas con ninguno defensor de bergoglio, el sentimentalismo de "un papito dios" para no dejar de pisar donde ya se esta MATANDO gente. "alarmando con un anticristo" cuando no se ha entendido como se ajusta en la figura dentro de una generacion
se repite NADA QUE VER, con el tal "jose galat" y los villasanas etc para mi risa y vómito, ya se dijo. y lo repito


viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

*the "New ONU" extended, revolution! Leftist!, chaos, anarchy! refugee! of course with the pope francis! his red organization / personal religion from "argentina", Bernie! seek and destroy! give me the mask!

August 04, 2017
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has announced plans for another conference on climate change, at which several noted proponents of population control will speak.

The conference on “Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health,” will be held in November at the Vatican. Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the outspoken head of the Pontifical Academy, will chair the event.

the one who declared about ONU / bergoglio
so people understand to be united, bishops, as a diabolic front

The list of invited speakers includes several figures who are known for public support of abortion and aggressive family-planing campaigns.


dialogue, concerned about the violence! no patience!?

ah you know that was maybe "stress of a trip"
not DAYS without eating, kids etc
give him what a regular person eats in venezuela, and you will see

poverty, poor, eat only "the just", recycle, bike, pollution etc you dont need much

air plane, pollution, expending, stomach? "doctor calling for a diet

picture not altered

dont' be deceived by cynicals, hypocrites, Fidel, chavez, etc Lies to destroy you and steal, foundations etc "ending the poverty soon" hungriness, just give me millions, call the soccer players, they can be deceived fast

*a cheap, ugly copy for the "let's continue enjoying beautiful things"

"let's continue with beautiful things"

about the beauty, fields, nature, melodies, closed eyes as Mary, hair, water etc

just trying to catch people, copying,

no creativity "bergoglio" ugly version


the number #1 follower of the truth, an award for him
he reads it very well, entering and entering
your day will come... remember that

*comment At least 9 dead, between that saturday and sunday, reaching More than 120 in the last 4 month. Other reporting 16 dead in those 2 days

Openly, Media attacking --> him, people

bishops calling publicly, waiting for no one

"US condemns constituent election and reiterates threat of sanctions"
the venezuelan opposition called for mobilizations on Monday and Wednesday to protest against the installation of the Constituent Assembly, elected Sunday after a violent day...

"all coming"

imposing the communist dictatorship, killing, almost A WAR, inventing procedures, to remain, while people desperate,

oh of course -in that extreme- uhm vatican urges... he doesnt want to think about putsch,
oh no please, reverse that

*Inviting all religions "to PRAY" and work TOGETHER. Apostasy imposed, for How long people will swallow death of a monster?

Paul, etc
telling all religions to PRAY together

let me laugh

Jesuschrist the only door

of course that is falsification for MORTAL SIN ways as possible
Not salvation
taken, the head from satan

objectively, documents Babel communism, roman empire red unification, MORTAL SIN, etc by mouth? in your face maybe like everyday, BLASPHEMY for condemnation, HERESY, APOSTASY etc
over and over

"a muslim terrorist in a Truck killing everyone and no stoping or listen"

laughing at everyone, and naming no-catholics.

just listen to that, dont convert, dont preach, what is important is "accepting you adore satan"
"happy" and all in peace
come on Make friends, encounter, that's it
the man on earth is what matter

who is Christ? cause that is an "argentinian" man religion

no sir, you are not catholic, you belong to an argentinian man religion
communist, vulgar, dark

.-Pope Francis has sent a letter to the 30th Prayer Meeting on Mount Hiei in Kyoto, Japan, inviting all religions to pray and work together...

there's nothing more to say about that beast
what faith? incisive, destroy Christ, he hates him
as sosa etc

Image result for falso papa francisco la verdad / the truth

(after telling them the truth. if possible)
if someone say "me??" "i belong to pope francis church!" seriously i put my face as a pestilence, vomit and i can t even see that person much, i have to-move to other place
cause that person already has something disgust on, covering their bodies, dark,
on the skin, face, walking with no life

although many dont understand, spiritual, ethereal

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

*Amoris laetitia communion to hell, entertainment made you tired, and "nothing happens", the "christ"? is "no one"? he is the new owner

the new god making people tired and no one complains "anymore" the owner
to take all to hell

warning: dont be deceived, he put a brake, slow down, tells you something "catholic", just to continue, is  a    s-e-r-p-e-n-t    (more than 4 years, tactic)
headache, to take you hell, forced, quietly

a vomit

don't be deceived, oh "put a humble face" for the camera, "he is quiet now" they want the condemnation and laughing of perdition of the people
as sosa, kasper, spadaro, cupich, EVIL
server of the devil

"dubia"  what is that? he laughed at and made it sound like an old movie

the APOSTASY in the face of everyone. openly.
about Amoris laetitia, APOSTASY  WRITTEN.   HE DID IT.  in your face
"oh doubts, interpretation" ASK HIM DIRECTLY, I CAN SAY YES. PERIOD.  HE DID IT.
but not Clear yet? insisting, LISTEN TO SCHONBORN. about     HE DID IT
"to understand" authorized, he repeats literal "YES", dubia etc may received communion. DID IT publicly
him?  ~He Authorized the communion, phone... authentic. HE DID IT
~He Endorses, authorizes, comunion, specified No Other interpretation... authentic.  HE DID IT
~his own diocese, example of corrupted head... authentic. HE DID IT
~congratulations, conffirms, publicly to take to Hell.. authentic. HE DID IT


here you have what was written and the "right" interpretation, authorized, re-confirmed, over and over, in practice, already, by his hands, mouth, example applied, signatures,etc
as a closed "theme" APOSTASY on the Seat of peter. taken
under the devil
"believe it or not"

people, souls, are falling to Hell, sacraments destroyed, marriage indisolubility, confession, communion, Lies etc a joke, ordered. imposed.

dont be deceived by a face now a "little cat"
while people to con-dem-na-tion, Hell, eternal Fire
"not a play"
~seconds counting, and each responsibility
don't let him make you swallow the death, complicity, culpable of blood of others
if cardinals etc "can't do nothing" Media must denounce him clear, *against him, making all the people in conscience *against him and *rejecting him
taking any person from him, he is Killing, Assassinating
NOT from God, although he "acts", "appear" etc not one theme, a Package

martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

*a parenthesis to dedicate a picture

many people follow this space, etc but one of them is a "number one follower" publications, of the pictures, etc
it is time to recognize that

this picture is dedicated to "bergoglio" cause he loves it, i know the women in dress also, themes, sunglasses, etc loyal follower

i hope you print it and, who knows?, maybe i touch it or put life is for sanctity, Charles, to make you feel "in heaven"
~dont laugh people, he can deny he loves it, but understand people express in different ways

or maybe that as a card,         keep it in a holy place and "be blessed" going forward in life / the truth
and see you happy having that, dont "start to cry" for nothing
~dont laugh, cause here it is just recognized the effort of those kind of followers as bergoglio, never missing a thing, and would like to keep something


son imagenes dedicadas a "bergoglio", fiel seguidor "de los numero 1" de este espacio, publicaciones, temas, fotos, lentes etc leal seguidor a lo que se escribe

para que las imprima, y ¿quien sabe? tal vez Dios permita que yo personalmente las "toque" un dia "fisicamente" o escriba la vida es para la santidad/  Charles, para hacer sentir ya  "en el cielo"  y   las guarde especial
~no se rian, es que a el le gusta mucho esa foto, algunas personas se expresan de diferentes maneras, y eso hay que entenderlo

o la otra como una tarjeta,     la coloque en un lugar santo para   el "ser bendecido" seguir adelante en la vida / the truth
original a "mano", y quede muy alegre, no vaya ahora "a llorar por nada" como algunos

~no se rian, se trata de ser bueno, se reconoce el esfuerzo de numero 1 seguidores, los que no fallan
como bergoglio y les gustaria tener algo con que quedarse

*"August prayer intentions": "artists"

*how the people represent him publicly, making paintings, on walls, arts etc some parts of works etc

Image result for papa francisco caricaturas

Image result for pope francis caricatures

Image result for pope francis caricatures

he is like dead, nothing in him, boring
who can see him or put the attention for more than 1 minute?
being honest i think no one, or "his presence" to throw up

*"trending" of the moment, bergoglio FALSE pope, reaching and reaching, millions, president, artists, countries etc... and he is shaking, so scared to "combat" that specific space

~openly humiliating you, destroying you
openly to the w-o-r-l-d, reaching and reaching, "trending"
important people of the world, countries, ~time passing~
people joining the true wave

Does he has people to assessor him? or telling him what is really going on? serious
so high trending of the moment and maintained
and ~you response with a video "scared", being almost annihilated, 90%
are you in conscience you are lost? right?